Career Episode Report for Mechanical Engineer

An engineer around the world has a great scope in engineering career in Australia. Now a day, it has become common among engineers to migrate to Australia for the purpose of establishing their future and they need career episode report mechanical engineer for Australia. For this, the primary and mandatory thing is the Competency Demonstration Report, which is commonly known as CDR. It assists the Engineers Australia (EA) in evaluating and employing the Engineers. It plays a main role in evaluating the competency and skills of the Engineers. An effective CDR should consist of Three Career Episodes report, Continuing Professional Development report, and Summary Statement report and Curriculum Vitae.

What’s the career episode sample for the mechanical engineer Australia?

Here the career episodes sample mechanical engineer part deals with and depicts the Engineer’s education quality and professional experience. So it is essential to prepare or write your career episodes role with great care and attention. This section should consist of three paragraphs. It should be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 respectively. It should be written in good Australian English without any grammatical errors or mistakes. Each of the paragraphs in the career episode report mechanical engineer pdf section throws light and focuses on your Engineering activity or work within the period of the Engineer’s activity and experience. These paragraphs should focus on the way through which you have applied your Engineering skills in your professional area.

Your career episode report should be based on these following:

  • Engineering projects or tasks that were undertaken by you for education or academics.
  • Projects that you have done or currently doing.
  • Any specific or highlighted position that you have achieved or occupied.
  • Any Engineering problem that you can solve or solved it.

Important points to be included while writing career episode mechanical engineer:

The career episode mechanical engineer should be plagiarism free and should be written without grammatical mistakes. It is essential to submit an adequate career episode because it will act as evidence for your experience as an Engineer in academics as well as professional area and it will depict your communication skills too. Each paragraph of this section should represent the Engineer’s skills and talent in the appropriate field of Engineering. The primary purpose of the career episodes is to evaluate the Engineer’s part in meeting the project and work objectives.

The basic structure of career episode mechanical engineering:

Career episodes must be written using first person singular form. For instance, it should be written as “What I achieved” not as “What we achieved”. It should be written in essay format. Here are the examples of the career episodes. The introduction part should be of 100 words approximately should include the date and duration of the career in chronological order; the location of the gained experience; the name of the organisation; the title of the position that you have occupied. Next part the background should consist of 200-500 words. It depicts the context of your work or academics experience.

It should consist of the details such as:

  • Nature of the Engineering project.
  • Its objectives; quality of your work area.
  • A chart which highlights your position in the organisation which should be relatable to the career episode.
  • A statement of your responsibilities.

Include the engineering activities:

Next part the Personal Engineering Activity should be of 500-1000 words. This section should say about the actual work done by you and its description. Your role should be stated here clearly. This aids in assessing your Engineering competencies.

Here you should include the details such as:

  • Your task and its accomplishment.
  • Any specified problems you have faced and how you solved them.
  • Strategies took by you; your coordination with team members.
  • Usage of your engineering skills.
Final summary statement:

Next is the summary part. It should be of 50-100 words. This part sums up the career episode such as your Engineering activity and roles.

Here you should include the details such as:

  • Overall view of the project.
  • Effects of the project regarding the targets or goals.
  • Your role of contribution towards it.

That’s all folks! This is the right and effective method for preparing and writing your career episode for Mechanical Engineer.

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