How To Prepare CDR For Engineering Technologist?

Engineering technologist with a bachelor’s degree or higher can assess their engineering qualification. Engineering technologists are the engineers professionals trained in developing and implementing a respective area of technology.

Engineers Australia specifies certain aspects for engineering technologists to work in Australia. They are to carry out specific and intricate engineering tasks. And also, they expect applicants to be experts on engineering systems and their interactions. All these and many more make preparing CDR for Engineering Technologist more complicated than reports for other engineering fields.


Avail Unique CDR For Engineering Technologist From Experienced Professionals


The Procedure for writing a CDR Project Report for engineering technologist ANZSCO Code 233914 are as follows:-

  • Three career episode reports have to be prepared with care and concern as they are the CDR’s backbone. Each career episode report is written with a minimum of 1000 words to a maximum of 2500 words.
  • The three CE reports will each have one specific engineering technologist skills of the applicants.
  • The first career episode report should be any projects done during the academic qualification or working as an engineering technologist. But the project should be done within five years before submitting the CDR.


CDR Project Report should be explained in chronological order:

1.1 – Introduction

1.2 to 1.5 – Background in detail

1.5 to 1.10 – Personal engineering activities

1.11 Or the last one should be the summary of the whole project

Likewise, the other two should explain the engineering technologist’s skills in clear terms for EA’s quick approval.


Job Responsibility of an Engineering Technologist

  • Establishing standard policies for input installation, testing, creation, modification, quality control, tracking, inspection, and maintenance.
  • Inspects the plans to ensure optimum performance.
  • Preparing pre-specification and contractors for construction plan and facility acquisition.
  • They schedule the plans and details with production activities.
  • Testing newly installed machines is necessary for maintaining the equipment to ensure compliance with requirements and their specifications.


Why Choose

Since preparing competency demonstration reports for engineering technologists is a more arduous task than other CDR Report preparations, only the best can make it without any chance for EA rejections. With its stringent specifications for approving the report, only CDR Australia is the best option for preparing them for successful EA approval on the first submission. The following five of their credentials have made them the No. 1 in CDR preparation for years now.

  1. It presents all the sections of the CDR logically as to the precise requirements of EA.
  2. Prepares the CV with accurate information within 600 to 800 words listing all the academic qualifications as per the ANZSCO code 233914.
  3. English proficiency certificates, which are updated as per the EA requirement are filled with proof submitted for it.
  4. CPD or the continuous professional development report in an A4 size paper with a maximum of 600 words.
  5. All the CDR writing is without much technical jargon but simple and easy for quick approval.


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