IMAREST CEng – Chartered Engineers UK Council

The IMAREST is the International membership body and society for marine professionals working in the field of Marine Engineering, science or technology. It has a registered status in the U.K. It has a membership with more people based in 120 Countries. It is a licensed body of Engineering Council UK. This institute aims to promote the scientific development of marine engineering, science and technology. It also publishes books, periodicals, journals and papers related to marine engineering, science and Technology.

IMAREST CEng publishes multiple professional magazines for Science, Engineering and technology. In the recent Years, it has released content from 5 sectors, and they are MER, Shipping World and shipbuilder, Maritime IT and Electronics, Offshore Technology and Marine Scientist. The primary view is to enhance the reader’s knowledge of complex technical interactions between maritime, offshore and science agendas.

Besides the professional magazines, IMAREST CEng also publishes some International Research Papers which involve the latest discoveries, developments and advanced marine sector. Papers published in the journals are even qualified to get awards for being rewarded as the best paper in each Journal.

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Facts about IMAREST CEng (Chartered Engineers)

It will always be published via online. It aims to resolve the questions related to all fields like Marine Engineering, Science and Technology. It clears the issues like Student papers, review papers, lecture papers, letters and technical notes. The Chartered Marine Engineer develop and apply new technologies and also promotes advanced designs and methods. It introduces new production techniques, engineering services and management methods.

IMAREST has unique consultative status with the Economic and social council of the United Nations. It is nominated by the UK Engineering Council and has relationships with maritime Organizations World Wide. The International IMAREST dimension is reinforced by the functionalities of its divisions and branches located across the World. It has several offices in different regions. IMAREST CEng has three offices in America. These branches develop and maintain communications with people and Organizations in the marine world.

IMAREST Membership Categories

IMAREST has multiple membership categories which give freedom to people to choose profession under IMAREST.

IMAREST include members who work in,

  • Commercial Shipping
  • Biotechnology.
  • Ship design, construction, and maintenance and decommissioning.
  • Defense and Naval Engineering
  • Marine renewable
  • Marine Engineering Systems
  • Marine security
  • Power and propulsion
  • Natural hazards
  • Navigation and communication
  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Marine environment and Pollution
  • Coastal and shelf seas
  • Marine surveyors

IMAREST have “3” types of membership categories, and they are,


Fellows are the category of the member who has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of council through the level of knowledge, competency and commitment to superior responsibility for management or execution of work in a marine-related profession.


Members are categories of members who are said to satisfy the council through achieving a position in marine sector for 5 Years. The Professional conduct commits them.

Associate Member

They are members who are said to satisfy the council by achieving the position for a functional role in the marine sector. They are supposed to produce a commitment by the Institute’s code of professional conduct.

2 Types of Non-Corporate Membership Categories


Affiliates are people who are interested in activities of Institute in the decisions of the council and also contribute to the technical services of Institute.


They are members who are enrolled in a Programme or recognised by the IMAREST.


In addition to the membership, IMAREST also has a license to provide a range of professional registers come under the fields of Engineering, Science and Technology. Besides, IMAREST energises the Institute to fulfil the specific needs of the marine profession.


To stay eligible for CEng status, it is necessary to show a demo of professional competence and commitment.

There are different ways to meet the requirements.

Get ready for CENG

If you are in developing the competencies of CENG, you have to consider the Incorporated Engineer registration. This allows one to enjoy the benefits of registering for the career.

How to Register Professionally?

There are “3” steps to register professionally.

  1. Join the Professional Engineering Institution which is under license of Engineering Council which is to assess the candidates for CEng registration. The Institution one chooses somewhat related to the Engineering discipline.
  2. Keep track of Professional development. The academic qualifications count this. The personal record of professional competencies tracks it.
  3. As soon as one feels that, they are eligible to show the demonstration of required technical and personal skills.

Awards and Qualifications:

As a member of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, you can achieve several awards.

You can only become a Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, Incorporated Marine Engineer, Marine Engineering Technician, Chartered Scientist, Chartered Marine Scientist, Registered Marine Scientist, Chartered Marine Technician, Registered Marine Technician and Marine Technician.

If you become a member of IMAREST, you can enjoy with multiple ranges of Professional development opportunities. You will be attending training courses, conferences to boost your technical knowledge through the virtual library.

If you have the membership of IMAREST, you are indirectly showing your professional development and long-term learning. Just join and participate in the IMAREST special interest groups which work to the benefit of a particular field.

Key Benefits:

  • To enhance employment prospects
  • To acquire professional qualifications
  • To gain experience and rewards
  • To test valuable networking opportunities

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Note: IMarEST helps in development of your career and long learning and

 it provides chance for recognition for your occupation through membership and professional