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Civil Engineer

 I got  positive response from Engineers Australia and now I am working as civil engineer in Australia in reputed company. Thanks Order id: 1820 (Australia)

Mechanical Engineer

Excellent CDR Writing service provider in UAE Engineers. Highly recommended. Thanks Order id: 1920 (Dubai)

Electrical Engineer

Just wanna say Thank to Andrew in supporting to prepare My CDR Australia . Thanks Order id: 1530 (Australia)

Telecom Engineer is really trusted website where I got positive outcomes from Engineers Australia (EA). Thanks Order id: 1110 (Australia)

Electronics Engineer

 I wrote my cdr myself and it was rejected by Engineers Australia. It was asked to REWRITE 3 CAREER EPISODES as it was lack of technical points then I contacted to CDR Australia .Org web site to complete it as per MSA booklet…..go positive result today (Dec, 2018). Thanks Order id: 1820 (Australia)

Civil Engineer (Inderjeet Singh, UAE)

I got below message/feedback from Engineers Australia (EA) and This company/website called CDRAustralia.Org helped me to get it done properly.

Please provide explanation that you have mentioned in Career Episode(CE)-1 that you worked as a Site Civil Engineer but you have also mentioned that you performed design using AutoCad.

The Career Episode you have presented provided insufficient detail of the engineering work undertaken by you. Career Episode 1, 2 and 3 contain mostly your duties or working procedures with only general description. Please note it is not sufficient to state purely ‘what you did’, but instead, ‘how you did it’ should be presented in ‘Personal Engineering Activities’ part. Each career episode should emphasize any engineering problems identified and any particular problem solving techniques used by you. Therefore, please refer to MSA Booklet and rewrite any two career episodes (and update Summary Statement accordingly) emphasizing your professional engineering
relevant to the competencies of the Civil Engineering in more detail

Telecom Engineer (Nupura Sanjay Sawle, Australia)

My CDR for Australia is rejected and asked to submit original project report.  As It was hard to prepare original project report with 100% plagiarism free. CDR Australia Team helped me to prepare three project report from three career episodes report. Thanks to Andrew Robert (CDR Consultant at CDRAustralia.Org)