How To Prepare CDR For Engineering Manager?

The engineering manager is the one who holds the high responsibility in an organization, mainly in planning and organizing a sequence of activities to be carried out. CDR for Engineering Manager is essential to get a specified job in Australia, thereby clearing the assessment from Engineers Australia. The engineering manager regulates the PDCA act.

Qualifications required for an Engineering Manager are:- 

  • A Basic Four year bachelor degree in any of the engineering domains is needed.
  • A Master’s degree in the engineering domain has an added advantage.
  • Relevant work experience from any reputed organization for more than ten years is needed to become an engineering manager.
  • Administering qualities are highly expected from an engineering manager to plan, control, and organize a set of events.


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While Starting a CDR Report writing for the Engineering Manager, it is advisable to follow the MSA booklet guidelines to know the real and existing CDR facts and its importance. Evaluation of CDR is wholly based on the specifications, as insisted by the authorities of Engineers Australia. All the sections of CDR for Engineering Manager should be written in a specific style with required word counts. All the contents must stick to the prescribed rules and strategies:

  • Project events and happenings are to be recorded periodically for reference in the future.
  • The engineering manager is the higher most authority, and he is responsible for carrying out needed meeting at proper schedules and timings at regular intervals.
  • The engineering manager is desirable to take care of the project’s fiscal status.
  • It is recommended to get advice and authentication from the engineering manager by synchronizing all the project reports.
  • The engineering manager holds the responsibility of carrying out all the project phase’s fundamental and essential activities.


Standard CDR format for Engineering Manager

The ANZSCO Code for Engineering Manager is 133211, and it includes all the necessary reports such as:-

  • Curriculum Vitae- Resume based on a personal template.
  • Continuing Professional Development- CPD clearly explains the author’s engineering knowledge.
  • Engineering Manager Career episode 1- based on your previous job experiences.
  • Engineering Manager Career episode 2- based on your projects that you are a part of.
  • Engineering Manager Career episode 3- based on your personal engineering field experience or solutions you have provided while working on a project.
  • Engineering Manager Summary Statement- Detail explanation of all the competency elements.


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