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Scores of students pursuing higher education in Australia are increasing every year. Also, their need for CDR or competency demonstration report to get the approval from EA or engineers Australia is on the rise. Added to it, engineers worldwide with enough experience and the essential engineering skills apply for skill visas by submitting CDR for Australia. But getting approval from the Australian government appointed EA is not an easy task for all these applicants. Only professional CDR writing services in the UK for Engineers Australia could help these applicants get their approval of competency report for their dream engineering job in Australia.

Engineers Australia (EA), by its migration skill assessment (MSA), specifies CDR format and its guidelines for applicants to apply for skill visas. From time to time, it updates the changes in the MSA, and the applicants’ should adhere to all of it in letter spirit to get its approval.

CDR format:

Though there are many specifications and its constant changes of EA, the general format for CDR includes

  1. Duly and diligently filled CDR assessment form
  2. A self-attested declaration to confirm of writing the CDR by the applicant only
  3. All relevant photocopies of academic and English proficiency certificates duly signed and attested by the applicant
  4. A well-drafted curriculum vitae
  5. CPD or the competency demonstration report
  6. Three career episode reports
  7. Summary statement

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Apart from the first four, which are only basic requirements for any job application, it is the last three of CPD, career episode reports, and summary statements, which are the critical constituents of an effective CDR for getting the approval or rejection by the EA.

The first four inform EA about the personal, academic, and English proficiency of the applicants. The last three speaks volumes of the engineering experience and skills of the applicants for the EA to approve the reports without rejection. To bring all of it in writing needs expertise and in-depth knowledge of the MSA guidelines and specifications. Reputed CDR writing services in the UK for Engineers Australia will be boon to applicants for doing such significant work to get the skilled visa to fly to Australia.

CDR Writing Elements For Engineers Australia in UK

  • Three Career Episode Reports:

Unlike CPD, it is not simple to write these three-episode reports, which are more of a backbone to CDR. All these three reports should have 1000 to 2500 words. Each should explain in detail the engineering skills of the applicants vide projects, working experience, problem-solving skills, and others. It should be portraying the individual abilities of the applicant rather than that of groups. These skills should relate to the job responsibilities of the engineers in their respective fields when they work in Australia. Only by showcasing such expertise in these three career episode reports, EA will approve them.

  • Summary Statement Report:

It is also one or two pages of detailing the skills of the career episode in a chronological way like 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 3.1, 3.2, 3.3. It is for easy reference for EA to search the career episode report corresponding to the job-related skills.

  • CPD For Engineers Australia

A continuous demonstration report is like an extended part of the curriculum vitae. But its purpose is to portray the continuance of engineering skills until the date of applying for a skilled visa. It should have details of experience in engineering skills that are up to date in any form in an A4 page.

Essential Points to Avoid in CDR Writing:

  • Not to use jargons or many technical terms
  • Never to write with grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • Never to write out of the specifications or guidelines

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