Engineering New Zealand Assessment

The IPENZ stands for The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand and after 2017, It renamed as Engineering New Zealand. It acts as a prominent body of membership and plays a specific role in one of the most important business that the country New Zealand was involved in and has a part. IPENZ New Zealand works as a team and plays their useful role in developing and improving the state in the field of Engineering. Hence their primary goal is to make engineering a competent and trustworthy profession.

Note: If your university is accredited by Washington accord than you would need KA01 if not than you would need KA02.

The team of Engineering NZ promote and maintain the standards of Engineering and works in managing the registration needs for the Engineers of Chartered Professionals by the aid of their registers of Engineering. This organisation provides membership and registration facilities that are based on the competencies and skills of the candidates. The candidates should possess the abilities and competencies that are important and ethical to the knowledge of Engineering. Hence it will be necessary for the IPENZ NZ Engineers to assess the skills of the candidates. Engineering New Zealand offers the membership that is based on the capabilities of the candidate that is evaluated by them.

These memberships are classified into three types as;

  • Professional Member (MIPENZ)
  • Technical Member (TIPENZ)
  • Associate Member (AIPENZ)

The team of Engineering NZ is responsible for four of their national registers. They are listed as follows;

  • Engineering Technologist (ETPract)
  • Professional Engineering Geologist (PEngGeol)
  • Certified Engineering Technician (certain)
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)

Here the main feature to be noted is that the Chartered Professional Engineer, as well as the Engineering Technologist, are eligible for applying for the equivalent international registers that are the International Engineering Technologist (IntET(NZ)) and the International and the International Registered Professional Engineer (IntPE(NZ)). These two registers of international level are assessed by same competencies and skills of the candidate. Advanced option available here is that the Chartered Professional Engineers are also eligible for applying for the field of Design Verifiers who predominantly deals with ropeways of passengers, pressure equipment, cranes, etc.


Engineering New Zealand Assessment Report Writing


CDRAustralia.Org deals with Engineering NZ Skills Assessment report writing services for NZ immigration. Over 20,000 officials who have their interests in Engineering with enough knowledge and who are professional Engineers are members of this organisation. This organisation is a not for profit type of organisation. Candidates and applicants who are willing to migrate to New Zealand are required to have some skills and competencies as expected by the team of IPENZ assessment of immigration. This Engineering NZ competence assessment of migration is a helping hand for the insufficient and non ICT candidates to depict their skills and competencies for movement in New Zealand. The first step of Engineering New Zealand knowledge assessment of immigration is to prepare a KA02 Knowledge assessment that is capable of showcasing the candidate’s skills and abilities that are capable of helping him getting selected by the IPENZ team for immigration. It is essential to do proper research of the guidelines to be followed in preparing the KA02 report to the Engineering New Zealand. This KA02 for KA02 forms as the primary source that is capable of increasing the candidate’s chances of getting immigration permission to New Zealand. Our experienced writers are expert in Engineering New Zealand Assessment

 Membership Types

  1. Student
  2. Emerging Professional
  3. Member
  4. Cpeng (Chartered Professional Engineer)
  5. Fellow
  6.  Affiliate
Assessment Guide Engineering NZ For Candidates

The first of all, candidates should be taken in the process of the Engineering New Zealand Knowledge Assessment is to prepare a KA02 report. This report of KA02 should be submitted to the Engineering NZ who is mainly responsible for recruiting and employing the candidates by the KA02 report submitted by them. Hence the report of KA02 plays an essential role in the process of getting through the tests conducted by the Engineering NZ organisation in New Zealand. Thus KA02 Knowledge assessment report acts as the primary source that assists in assessing the candidate’s competencies and abilities in the field of Engineering by the organisation.. Engineering New Zealand Knowledge Assessment guidance can be obtained by searching the guidelines on the internet or the previously submitted KA02 reports. These can be used as samples and are available for resources such as internet, magazines, paperbacks, etc. However, avoid copying content from this KA02 report as plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will lead to rejection of the KA02 report. The organisation of the Engineering New Zealand uses one of the best tools in the world to detect plagiarism in the KA02 report submitted by them. Hence these previously submitted KA02 reports can be used only for reference purpose and piracy should be avoided in the KA02 report.

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