Competency Based Assessment IEPNG

IEPNG is Institution of Engineers (engineering body) in Papua New Guinea who conducts competency based assessment (CBA). Now they do not follow normal skills assessment rather than competency based assessment system (CBAS).

So there will be a lot of questions in your mind about what is CBA? Or what is IEPNG?

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We write CBA (competency based assessment) as per given guidelines by Institution of Engineers. They check competency level of engineers whether they are fit or not as technical officers and nation or expatriates engineers. So before processing with this IEPNG assessment application,

you should be aware about below questionnaires.

  • What is Competency Based Assessment System (CBAS)?
  • Who will take up Competency Based Assessment?
  • What are the steps and processes that are involved with CBA?
  • What is the validity period
  • How to write competency based assessment (CBA) for IEPNG

How to Prepare Work Samples For IEPNG To Ensure Positive Outcomes?

Competency Based Assessment (CBS) is one of the types of assessment process where candidates are just checked and tested if a candidate who practices engineering is

  1. Qualified in engineering with a Washington Accord qualification and if not an equivalent qualification that is accepted by IEPNG
  2. Or if not, then based on the competency report provided; an assessment can be made to determine if the engineer has the knowledge required to perform complex engineering task in their filed.
  3. Engineering knowledge
  4. Engineering competency report

There are three types of CBA in order to register IEPNG

  • Evidence based: – Here it is checked evidence provided by candidate against standard. So it is being said that mention only those which can be proved if personal demands for same.
  • Participatory: – Here it involves the candidate and assessor and discuss how and what can be collected to judge against standard.
  • Criterion referenced: – here candidates are assessed based on criteria given or industry standard.

Who Are Eligible to Apply in CBA for IEPNG?


There are four basic principles of assessment, are fair, flexible, reliable and valid. Only followings are eligible to apply as professional engineers in CBA

  • Registered professional engineers- who are Fellows of the Institution or Members
  • Engineering professionals- Companions, Graduate Members, Students and Technicians
  • Engineering technologist registers
  • Engineering Technician Register

Sections in IEPNG Assessment Form

IEPNG Membership and Registration Form

IEPNG Referee Eligibility

IEPNG Professional Checklist

IEPNG CA05 –CPD Summary Form

IEPNG Work History Summary (Form CA04)

IEPNG Competence Self Review (Form CA03)

How to Fill Membership & Registration Form for PNG

IEPNG Work Samples for CBA Application Form

How to Fill CA03 – Competence Self Review Form

Duties of Professional Engineers in IEPNG – Papua New Guinea

IEPNG Competence Standard for Professional Engineers in Papua New Guinea

  • Investigates and analyses relevant information using quantitative and qualitative techniques
  • Design or develop solutions to complex engineering problems in accordance with good practice for professional engineering.
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her engineering activities
  • Plans, schedules, organizes and monitors progress of projects or activities to deliver specified outcomes within time constraints
  • Develops risk management policies, procedures and protocols to manage safety and hazards during construction/fabrication and product life cycles
  • Understands IEPNG and/or CPEng codes of ethics
  • Considers and takes into account possible social, cultural and environmental impacts and consults where appropriate
  • Develops empathy and uses active listening skills when communicating with others
  • Demonstrates a commitment to extending and developing knowledge and skills
  • Peers recognize his/her ability to exercise sound professional engineering judgement
  • Maintain the currency of his or her professional engineering knowledge and skills
  • Identify, comprehend and apply appropriate engineering knowledge
  • Understands and applies appropriately the special engineering requirements operating within the jurisdictions in which he/she practices

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