IEPNG Professional Checklist

Professional/Fellowship Membership Checklist


 CA01 Application for Membership & Registration Form
CA03 Self Review

  • Must complete all 12 elements but only need to use 2 from each section
  • Must only be about you. Do not use “we”
  • Element One: Knowledge – relates to your Degree
  • Element Two: Local Knowledge – What you know happens in PNG and the issues they face (i.e. Earthquake).
  • Element Seven: Risk Management – Mine Inspector and Mine Regulations and the risks
  • Element Eight: Ethical Conduct – Speaking up to ensure something doesn’t happen
  • Element Nine: Recognise Foreseeable Effects – Understanding how will the village react
  • Element Ten: Communication – Communication with Contractors to deliver projects
  • Element Eleven: Maintain Currency – Professional Development
CA04 Work History Summary

Only need to list your 3 most recent positions

CA05 Summary of Professional Development Activities
CA06 Referee Declaration

  • Need to provide a minimum of two references. The referees must be registered with an Engineer Institute e.g. IEAust / AUSIMM / IPENZ
  • Top section of the this form must be exactly as per CA01 Section 6.1
  • Please get them to send direct to us or if you can pass a copy on

Must be printed in colour and certified by JP.


Must be printed in colour and certified by JP.

Certificate or Licence of Membership (e.g. IEAust / AUSIMM / IPENZ)

Must be printed in colour and certified by JP.


The 3 positions listed on CA04 must match e.g. dates/position etc.

Work Sample and Evidence

  • Must be 1-2 pages only and you must number each paragraph according to the number of Work Samples you wrote
  • Must include a minimum of 2 work samples
  • Must cover all 12 elements outlined in form CA03
  • Evidence must be provided – photos are acceptable (e.g. photos of a building that you worked on).
Passport Photo