CDR Writing Services in Nigeria

The CDR or the Competency Demonstration Report is the first step to live and work in any reputed company of Australia. The CDR is to be approved by a government body known as the Engineers Australia (EA). Selectors of the EA team approve the CDR from the applicant from various nations around the world.

The CDR writing services in Nigeria is very much needed for the engineers of that country who dream to stay and work in Australia. They have some disadvantages like not having the English language as their mother tongue, lack of knowledge regarding the EA associates.

But today is the digital age of the internet. Now, everything is available online. Thus, the is the top name for them in this regard. We are the most experienced and successful online CDR Writers in Nigeria.

How are the CDR writing services provided for Nigerian Engineers?

  • A total online assistance is provided by our writer to all the clients locate at any part of the world
  • Our services include writing the 3 Career Episodes of the CDR report, the Summary Statement and the Continual Professional Development (CPD)
  • Our experts will provide you with the comprehensive guide on how to write your CV in the best way. They will accordingly highlight all your previous academicals as well as official experiences
  • All details of your last projects will be nicely emphasised by us to draw the attention of the Engines Australia (EA) assessors
  • We prepare the CE (Career Episode) as per the data and information provided by you. Thus, you always need to submit to us only correct and updated data
  • A draft of the Career Episodes is sent by us to the Engineers Australia (EA) for the approvals
  • Summary Statement (SS) of your CDR report is flawlessly prepared by our expert team of writers.

The CDR Writing services in Lagos

We provide the online CDR writing services for the aspiring engineers from different provinces in Nigeria like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Kano. Engineers at these regions have qualification and experience in various fields and branches of engineers like mechanical, electrical, electronics, etc. The different branches are as follows:

  1. Civil engineering CDR writing: The job of civil engineers is always on a very high demand in Australia. The CDR Writers in Port Harcourt is famous for providing the top online civil engineering CDR writing services. Our expert writers provide you with the CDR writing service who wants to get work permit visa for Australia. Here that mainly focuses on techniques like hydraulic systems, aerodromes, roads, building, bridges, supply systems, etc. The experts help them a lot in the engineering drawing involved in every project, as mentioned in their CDR reports.
  2. CDR for electrical engineering branch: Here the main parts like control system, telecommunications, signalling and power electronics is emphasised. All the project related circuits are properly labelled and explained to impress the Engineers Australia (EA) assessors.
  3. CDR report for mining engineering: Our experts emphasise on various technical facts on writing the CDR report for mining engineering. These include minerals deposits, methods of ore extraction and many more. The relevant practical and industrial examples are given in the report.
  4. Mechanical engineering CDR: Our CDR Writers in Ibadan are well-known for providing you with the best CDR reporting for mechanical engineering.
  5. CDR reporting for Biomedical Engineering: The CDR Writers in Kano is famous for giving the best services for off bit subjects like Bio-Medical Engineering.

Why CDR Australia in Nigeria?

  • We are the top online CDR writing service providers for the aspiring engineers of Nigeria
  • Our writers are the most talented and experienced in this sector
  • We also help you in getting your work permit visa to work and stay in Australia with family
  • Our experts will also help the Nigerian applicants in getting their English proficiency test IELTS to be cleared
  • We always strictly follow all the instructions and guidelines as given by the Engineers Australia (EA) team by keeping updated with the official EA website
  • The CDR is ever written in the Australia style of English
  • Our writing experts always follow the best formatting styles

We assure you of your CDR selection by the assessors of Engineers Australia (EA) team. Therefore, the online services offered by the experts of the are indispensable for the aspiring engineers of Nigeria who dream to work in Australia.