CDR Assessment Australia

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CDR Assessment Australia

EA is the authority designated to review professional education in the field of engineering for the point of skilled immigration to Australia. Engineers Australia is also known as EA. The skills evaluation is the first step for undertaking the migrating procedure under the CDR assessment engineers Australia. The detailed information is provided by the Engineers Australia assessment booklet, even though CDR gets rejected and is not able to get the migration visa because they fail to fulfil the EA requirements.

CDRAustralia.Org deals with CDR Assessment for Australia

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Requirements for Skills Assessment Australia

We should have the following conditions before proceeding for assessment,

  • An appropriate academic qualification
  • Engineering work experience, by the General Skilled Migration requirements
  • Evidence of evaluation which is certified under (IELTS) or equivalent to Level 6 for each of the 4 IELTS categories
  • Applicable, verified evidence of registration under the relevant licensing authority in the country in which we are working

Engineering CDR Skills Assessment for Australia

Engineers Australia’s Migration Skills Assessment process usually takes about 4 to 7 months. When we apply for the migration to Australia under the Skilled Migration Scheme, The Engineers Australia (EA) is responsible for assessing our engineering skills and qualifications and pass on its report to the Skill Select. If we have at least 60 points, we will be invited to apply for the visa within 60 days of the assessment process. There are four occupational categories. They are

Professional Engineer: This engineer applies management skills. Professional engineer focuses on overall systems. Professional Engineer has the systematic approach to Engineering Project and able to use established engineering methods to complex engineering problems.

 Engineering Technologist: Engineering Technologist focuses on interactions within the system, and they apply established engineering methods within the technology domain.

Engineering Associate: As an associate, Engineering associate should be able to focus on a specific element of the system. Prepares, Interprets, Inspects and Revises drawing, plans, diagrams, designs, maps and charts that are taken from MSA. Provides technical support to Professional Engineers

Engineering Manager: Engineering Manager reviews engineering operations and able to formulate strategies, policies and plans in the field of engineering. Engineering Manager is not an engineering occupation but belongs to Managers ANZSCO group.

Proficiency in the English Language: We are expected to show our skill in the English Language. Engineers Australia has the right to request an English language test if it is required. The persons who are under the age of 45 can apply for skilled migration. We have to write Language internet-based test like TOEFL test, and the test scores are valid for only three years as far as CDR assessment engineers Australia is concerned.  To show our English competence, we should have an IELTS score of 6 or more in each of the four test components. The components are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We must have at least 12 for Listening, 13 for Reading, 18 for Speaking, and 21 for Writing in the Test of English as a Foreign.


There are two pathways to the attention of your engineering qualifications:

The Washington Accord:

It is an agreement between the engineering accreditation bodies. It is recognised as the professional engineering degrees delivered in those countries. The Accord applies only to accreditations conducted by the signatories within their respective national and territorial boundaries. The Australia Institution of Engineers is a signatory of the Washington Accord. Occupation will be checked with the relevant Washington Accord accreditation body. If your skills are not accredited under the Washington Accord, you will be required to submit a Competency Demonstration Report.

Submission of Competency Demonstration Report

Competency Demonstration Reports is also known as CDR. It is a necessary document to the Engineers Australia for the competency of an engineer. When a CDR is rejected, Australian Skilled Migration Visa approval is not done to the candidate. The document should be written very carefully. Engineers who apply for Australian visa may not get time to write their CDR assessment report within the period of 12-weeks. So need the help of CDR writing experts. A CDR includes:

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list : Continuing Professional Development Report is also known as CPD. It is a report needed for Engineers Australia for Migration Skilled Assessment. In CPD, Engineers should be familiar with the development of engineering. The CPD must have Title of Training, Date of Training, Duration of the Training and Venue of the Training.

Three 3 Career Episodes : Engineer Australia lists competencies that are looking for engineers of different skill levels. Writing career episode report is one of the most crucial steps of writing a successful career episodes report Assessment Australia. Career Episode showcases the engineering knowledge, skills and experience during your education or work experiences. Career episodes should always be written in the first person and use active voice. A career episode should be 1,000 to 2,500 words long. Each paragraph of Career Episode should be in SS format. Sections in Career Episode are Introduction, Background, Engineering Activity and Summary.

Summary Statement : A summary statement is not an ordinary summary. A summary statement is an essential document in the CDR for Migration Skills Assessment. It is just one-page long, and it is the most challenging part of CDR Assessment Australia. In that one page, the engineering and management skills have to be showcased. Numbers given to the paragraph in career episode must be specified here.