IEPNG CA05 –CPD Summary Form

 The CPD Summary form is used by the Assessors as it gives the Assessors examples of evidence where you consider that will show the Assessors that you have been continuously upgrading your Competence to keep abreast with the changes / improvements in the way engineering is evolving and changing . The Standard used to benchmark you against is the Professional Engineer Standard.

Here you are assessing yourself against competence standard number 11 as outlined below. You are putting forward evidence to your engineering peers (Assessors) proving to them that you have been doing things to keep abreast with what is happening around you and in the world.. You are actually telling the Assessors that you ARE Competent as a Professional Engineer and you are backing your claim with evidence.


The competence standard sets the entry standard for engineers seeking formal peer recognition as a competent professional engineer by undertaking an PERB/IEPNG competence assessment. The competence standard sets the standard for the registration as a Professional Engineer with the Professional Engineers Registration Board of PNG and the standard for entry into the class of Member or Fellow with the Institution of Engineers PNG Inc.


To meet the minimum standard a person must demonstrate that he/she is able to practice competently in his/her practice area to the standard expected of a reasonable professional engineer. The extent to which the person is able to perform each of the following numbered elements in his/her practice area must be taken into account in assessing whether or not he/she meets the overall standard.

Taken as a whole the CPD you present should show how you have taken reasonable steps to maintain your competence in all parts of your practice area, and across the full range of competence elements.  Achievement is assessed on the learning and its application, NOT the total hours spent.  However unless at least 50 hours per year of good quality CPD is undertaken it may be difficult to meet the standard. 

List in chronological order the professional development activities you have undertaken in the last THREE years (or since your last assessment if undertaking a continued registration assessment) to enhance or maintain your current knowledge or skills.

CA05 Summary of Professional Development Activities