IEPNG Work History Summary (Form CA04)


The Work History Summary form is used by the Assessors as it gives the Assessors examples of work evidence where you consider appropriate and relevant that will show the Assessors that you have meet the various requirements of the relevant standard. The Standard used to benchmark you against is the Professional Engineer Standard.

Update your Work History Summary (Form CA04) or your CV if it includes the same information.

Here you are assessing yourself against the twelve competence standards . You are putting forward evidence of all the work / projects you have been involved in to your engineering peers (Assessors) who will consider your evidence from the CV or from this form that you provided. You are actually telling the Assessors that you ARE Competent as a Professional Engineer and you are backing your claim with evidence of what you have actually been doing so far in your career as a professional engineer.

You are required to provide the following information:

  1. Ref No
  2. Name of Organisation
  3. Position Title
  4. End mm/yy Start mm/yy
  5. Key responsibilities, activities undertaken, major achievements and/or projects. These should relate to your practice area description.

CA04 Work History Summary form