CDR for Engineering Manager for Engineers Australia

A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a report that acts as a pass for engineers who are trying to get migration skills assessment to get the job. For that, you need to prepare CDR report for engineering manager. There are significant numbers of vacancies available for this post. An under graduation degree or post-graduation degree in engineering is required for the job of engineering manager.

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Job responsibilities of an Engineering Manager (Anzsco: 133211)

 Responsibilities of engineering manager;

  •  Managing and monitoring Engineering terms, policies, plans, rules and strategies.
  • Providing advice and suggestions on building methods and procedures to achieve a good and excellent structure.
  •  In-depth interpretation of blueprints, drawings, maps, blueprints, etc.
  • Initiating the schedules of projects and managing its budget.
  • Ensuring and taking responsibility for an Engineering plan’s total cost, quality, safety measures, punctuality, performance, etc.
  • Conforming and finalising with plans and specifications, regulations, etc.
  • Keeping track of maintenance requirements so that the work can be carried on with the flow without obstacles.
  • Convincing the manufacturing managers on the Engineering aspects of new products and constructions.
  • Active participation and contribution in research and development projects.

How to write a CDR report for Engineering Manager?

There are two numbers of pathways to acquire recognition of your qualifications. Applicants with engineering qualifications from recognised institutions or Universities USA, UK, Canada, etc. are given attention in one pathway. Now let’s see brief information about the contents should be included in a CDR for engineering manager.

  1. Curriculum Vitae: It is a resume based part should be written using a professional template
  2. Continuing Professional Development: In this CDR report for engineering manager section, you should write in a way that explains and depicts your Engineering skills and knowledge in a minimum of 300 words.
  3.  Engineering Manager Career Episode Sample 1: “Planning and Project Control at Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant”- minimum 1700 words.
  4.  Engineering Manager Career Episode Sample 2: “Tehran Cement Power Plant Project”- minimum of 1770 words.
  5.  Engineering Manager Career Episode Sample 3: “PARAND Power Plant Development”- minimum of 1520 words.
  6.  Engineering Manager Summary Statement Sample: Detail explanation of all the projects and competency contents in a minimum of 1040 words.
Career Episode 1 for engineering manager cdr

Name of the project: Planning and Project Control at Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant.

In the first episode in this sample, a project that is done on IFC (Issued For Construction) package stage of the plant “Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant”. The title of the project is Planning and Project Control at Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant.

The responsibilities and tasks of this project conducted are career episode report engineering manager as follows;

  • Scheduling meetings with the corresponding departments.
  •  To manage the project plan and its budget.
  • Punctually reporting the progress of the project.
  •  Preparing materials and notes on the progression of the project and distributing it among the supervisors.
  • Managing the schedule and flow of the work so that the targets will be achieved and resources will be made use of.
  • Preparing a project action plan to discuss the further tasks that should be done.
  •  Uploading the complete work done and the progression of the work on the company’s portal.

Career Episode 2 for engineering manager cdr

In the second episode, the Engineering skills those are implemented and involved in this project. The duration of this project is one year.

  1. The responsibilities and tasks of this project Tehran Cement Power Plant Project conducted are as follows;
  2.  Reviewing the documents, projects, process flow diagram and flowcharts.
  3.  Closely analyzing the operations and process of the organization.
  4.  Removing the obstacles in the path of the operational procedures.
  5.  Reviewing the environmental standards that are existing for the service.
  6. Managing the time and allocating the budget for the project.
  7.  Monitoring the project’s progression and giving suggestions for the project.
  8.  Developing a workflow and routine for a project and providing resources for the optimisation purpose of the project.

Career Episode 3 for engineering manager cdr

In the third episode, the technical skills that are implemented in the project are explained. The title of the project is “PARAND Power Plant Development”.

  1. The responsibilities and tasks of this project conducted are as follows;
  2. Preparing proposals for work and the budget.
  3. Making use of the standard mode of coding, work breakdown structure and analysis for the project progress report’s development.
  4.  Working on the planning of schedule, reporting the work’s status from its initiation till conclusion.
  5. Pre-planning methods so that it can be implemented in any risky situations.
  6.  Finding out appropriate strategies and solutions for overcoming delays and blocks.