Career Episode Report Agriculture Engineering

Agriculture is the basis of human civilisation.  For any country, the primary source of income and job is agricultural.  Even in this technology-driven world agriculture forms the base of any economy in the world.  Agriculture spearheaded with modern day technology and studies like agrarian engineering have reached great heights in most of the developed countries.    Agricultural engineering has brought new and sophisticated ways of agriculture across the world for better yields and bright future.  The opportunities in this never dying field are increasing every day.  Everyone has to eat to survive and till this happens agriculture will be in demand until the end of the world.  In Australian agriculture is annually 155 billion dollars earning sector which is 12 % of its GDP, using 61 % of Australian land mass and employing more than 3, 25,000 people.  This gives agricultural engineers around the world to go to Australia for a fantastic career in agriculture. What you need to do is that make good cdr career episode report agriculture engineering for Australia.

The Best Way to Make Career Episode Report for Agriculture Engineer Australia

Agricultural engineering combines various disciplines of engineering like civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical and integrating them with career episode report agriculture engineering.  Agriculture engineering involves designing and construction of new farming equipment to facilitate farming and improve agriculture yields.  The agriculture engineering along with the utilisation of technology from the seeds to store the agricultural will produce and makes the world a better place to live.

List of Responsibilities While Writing the Career Episode Report Agriculture Engineering

  1. Research and design new farming equipment for better yields.
  2. Study and review discoveries and inventions in the field.
  3. Construct storage facilities for agricultural produce.
  4. Design and maintain irrigation, drainage, flood water controls as per local culture and circumstances.
  5. Analyze data; prepare reports of the details of agriculture in the particular locality.
  6. Case studies to be conducted periodically by research and collecting contextual information.

Various Career Opportunities Available in Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Technicians

  • To measure and analyse all involved agricultural materials from seeds, fertilisers, to the final yields.
  • To improve the safety and efficiency of farm products.

Agriculture civil works:

To design, construct, maintain, operate irrigation facilities, storage facilities, Water control mechanisms and sewage treatment.

Agriculture mechanical work:

 It deals with designing to operating farm friendly equipment for easy and better farm products.  This involves the small electronic spade to high-quality sensors in animals.

Agricultural biotechnological work:

  • Research and invention of quality seeds, cross cultivations, improving the soil, water improvement all involve biotechnology.
  • These biotechnological methods are applied in agriculture takes it to the next level and makes a better world.
Career Episode Report Agriculture Engineering – CDR Assessment Australia

     Agricultural engineers work close to nature.  They have the responsibility of preserving the environment.  The CDR assessment analyses the following skills of its aspirants.

Mathematical skills:

Advance mathematical ability is required for examining, designing and troubleshooting in agriculture.

Communication skills:

For any engineering, communication is essential and especially for agriculture which involves the collective mass of any geographical location communication is of prime importance.  To communicate with farmers, clients, workers and explaining the new age agriculture requires skill.

Analyzing skills:

      To investigate the needs of the farmers and their requirements as per the ground level situation and finding ways to improve them and analyse any issues in the process and solve them.

           Out of the five components, Reports constitute the backbone of CDR assessment.  Reports include the CPD, Career episode report and the summary.  All three are of equal importance and display the individual skill of the job aspirant in an evident and crystal way.

Career episode report agriculture engineering – CPD  Australia

    Continuing professional development shows the interest, involvement in the continuous development of agricultural engineering skill by the engineer.  Not only academic qualification will display the farm ability but also the involvement and participation in various activities from ground level plays an essential part in CDR assessment.  All activities showing the continuous talent perusal should be listed out in an A4 sheet to improve the chances of getting an excellent opportunity and a bright future.

How CDRAustralia Helps in writing career episode report agriculture engineering

 There should be three career episode reports for CDR assessment.  The better they are, the better are the chances for a dream profession.  Only when your individualism is expressed in your own words without any grammatical errors, it would reach the necessary target. Each of the career episode report agriculture engineering should be 1000 – 2500 words with proper numbering.  The introduction with 100 words, the background projects in 200 – 500 words and the professional activity in 500 -1000 forms the basis of Career episode reports. Get free consultation today @ CDRAustralia for your competency report to be done.