Career Episode Report For Civil Engineering Draftsperson

Engineering is a field of the career that consists of a lot of challenges and opportunities in its path. Countries from all over the world are employing Engineers from various parts of the world. Engineers from countries such as India, USA, UK, Brazil, Russia, UAE, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Bangladesh would get employed by the Australian government and companies are provided with the excellent salary and enough incentives.

The first step to migrate to Australia for career purpose as an Engineer is to submit a Competency Demonstration Report which is commonly known as CDR report which consists of career episode report civil engineering draftsperson as one of the parts. It is a collection of documents that includes files that act as proof of your academic qualification and professional exposure or experience.

How To Draft  career episode report for civil engineering draftsperson

CDR report is considered vital because it plays a primary role in assisting and evaluating the competencies of the Engineer by the Engineers Australia (EA). The career episode part of the report depicts the professional experience, talents, skills, academic qualification, etc. of the Engineer. It is advised to refer to a sample career episode report civil engineering draftsperson before beginning to write a fresh copy of CDR report.

A sample CDR report can be obtained from paperbacks or internet sources. But copying contents from the sample CDR report is not allowed and is prohibited. Copying contents from the sample CDR report is considered as plagiarism. Plagiarism is not allowed, and it leads to getting you banned from reapplying for migration visa from a minimum of one year. The career episodes should be written in perfect Australian English and should be of zero grammatical mistakes. You should avoid grammatical errors in the career episodes because it depicts your communication skills too. The career episodes should be divided and written in three parts. Each part is numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2 respectively.

Points To Remember

The career episodes should be written and prepared on one’s own. The candidates who are not confidential about the terms and rule of writing career episodes can take help of an online CDR writing services or writers. Let’s discuss the rules and regulations for writing a career episode report civil engineering draftsperson. The first part is the introduction (100 words) and consists of the date, duration, location, etc. in chronological order.

  • The next part is background (200-500 words) consists of nature, objectives, organisational structure highlighting the position, statement of duties, etc. The third part Personal Engineering Activity (500-1000 words) includes of application of skills, tasks, technical problems/issues, strategies, coordination, etc.
  • The final part summary (50-100 words) consists of the overall view, project’s goals/targets, personal contribution, etc.
  • Civil Engineers are professionals who deal with construction, designing, maintenance and care of buildings such as bridges, roads, canals, airports, dams, pipelines, sewage systems, houses, offices, skyscrapers, railways, etc. Civil Engineers are employed in both government sectors and private sectors. They are given fair pay and right incentives too.

Here are some of the responsibilities of Civil Engineers in Australia

  1. To analyse reports of survey, blueprints, maps, aerial photography, drawings, geological data, etc. and assist in planning the projects.
  2. To prepare and design transportation and structures of hydraulic systems.
  3. To take responsibility for the construction and designing of the concerned system as per the rules and regulations of the government standards.
  4. To apply, use and design software and drawing tools.
  5. To take responsibility for guiding construction, maintenance, operations activities at the site of the project.
  6. To calculate and keep up with the changes in the estimate quantities and cost of equipment, materials, labour, etc. to determine the feasibility of the project.
  7. To compute the requirements of the load and grade, the rate of water flow, to identify the

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