CDR Career Episode Report Electrical Engineer Australia

Career episode report electrical engineer for Australia is an integral part of a Competency Demonstration report CDR. It is required by the EA Engineers Australia to know if the qualification and skills of the Engineers match the standards of Australia. Engineers who are planning to migrate to Australia should apply under any of the four occupational categories. You should make sure that you have all the competency elements mentioned under that particular category. Three career episode should have mentioned your growth in the engineering field. The essays must contain 1000 to 2500 words. It can talk about your experience in the Engineering field and remember it has to be written in the first person. Make sure that the three essays are taken from different periods of your work to demonstrate various aspects of your engineering experience. Australian English should be used when you write a report and it has to be written in your own words, through this Engineers Australia will be able to judge your communication skills quickly. Career episodes topic should be chosen wisely.

Career Episodes Sample Electrical Engineer Australia

 It is a collection of all your education and work experience in the engineering field. Every career episode aims at particular aspect and one specific period in your engineering activity. Each one should be based on a different perspective or different duration of your engineering activity.  Each career episode should be based on how you have been applied your skills and knowledge of engineering in the particular occupation.  The technical material should be in the limited amount. Your career episodes sample electrical engineer should be based on an engineering task that you took up for an educational purpose. It should be a project that you have already worked on, or you’re still working on it. The position or the role that you played in that project should be mentioned.  An engineering problem that you were asked to solve should also be added.

Find out career episode report electrical engineer pdf

Each career episode report electrical engineer pdf should show the application of your knowledge in engineering. You have to write it in such a way that you did that particular job and explain how you did it. It should be mainly based on the engineering problems that you faced during the project and the solutions that you applied to solve it. The main purpose of this is to know your contribution towards the project and work. Each paragraph has to be numbered in your career episode. The following format is recommended:

  • Career ep.1 (Para 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.)
  • Career ep.2 (Para 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.)
  • Career ep.3 (Para 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc.)

Rules and regulations in writing career episode, electrical engineer:

The career episode electrical engineer should not be in table format; it should be in essay form. The introduction should be about date and duration, place, the name of the organisation, and your role in the organisation. After the introduction, the nature of the project, objectives and nature of your work should be mentioned along with a duty statement. The next paragraph should be about the personal engineering activities. In this paragraph you should explain about the work you did, first mention what you did then, explain how you did that. You should not mention the work that you did as a team or a group; your performance should be clear. Remember that it is your contribution that is to be showcased. This paragraph should include the way you have applied your engineering knowledge and skills, the task that was given you and how you carried that task, particular problems that you identified and solved, the strategies that you applied in your work and you’re working with the other members of the team. The final paragraph is the summation of your overall work experience and your contribution towards it.

A person who uses electrical components like semiconductors, transistors, etc. to design many circuits, devices and systems is known as an electrical engineer.  In Electrical engineering, you can specialise in many subfields like digital electronics, power electronics, analogue electronics, etc. These engineers can work in varied areas since this area is used in different fields. For, eg, nanotechnology, mobile phones, electronic media, radios, etc. Only a degree in electrical or electronic engineering is needed for the qualification of an electrical engineer.

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