Career Episode Report Environmental Engineers Australia

Environmental engineering is a branch which deals with environmental factors, protection of environments and improvement of environmental quality. Professionals who finish these courses in reputed courses will be absorbed in pollution control boards, safety management and water treatment plants. Majority of the engineers who complete this course from affiliated engineering colleges and universities decide to enter Australia for getting jobs or doing further sessions.

Aspirants who have successfully finished their environmental engineering courses and received their graduation certificates from the chancellors should start writing the technical report and submit the same to Engineering Australia (EA) for their approval. EA will approve only when aspirants write the convincing and informative documents. Migrant engineers should take efforts to download some of the sample reports from this site or other prominent search engines.

Who is environment engineer?

An individual will be labelled as the environmental engineer when he

–    Finishes four-year course from reputed and branded engineering institutions

–    Holds a graduation certificates

–    Understand the basic and advanced concepts of engineering applications in environmental science

–    Masters in organic and inorganic chemistry and also nuclear chemistry.

–    Understand the concepts of air and water pollution and also about global warming.

Environmental engineering is a tough subject, and only intelligent students can do this course in reputed courses. They will get job offers immediately after completion from other countries, and there is proper scope in  Australia which recruits engineers from abroad. Engineers will get decent pay and special designation.  They can do research, survey and explorative works and become research scientists in the country of Australia.

What is (CER) career episode report for the environmental engineer?

Migrant engineers who have scored best marks in Environmental engineering from recognised universities should submit an import document namely career episode report environmental engineer (CER) which provides information that is related to work experience of aspirant engineers. Engineers should download CDR Australia sample/PDF through this site which will provide exciting details about CER and its importance.

A career episode is nothing about an account of engineering education and work experience. Migrants should take provide following inputs when they write informative CER

–    Engineering assignments and tasks undertaken by the aspirants

–    Projects the aspirant is handling or handled in the past successfully

–    Designation and responsibilities that were assigned to aspirants

–    Problem solving methodology adopted by the aspiring engineer

Episodes should not be too lengthy or extremely short:

Young and bright environmental engineers should write environmental engineer career episode report as per the requirements of EA and should not write contents which are not relevant to the course. EA will evaluate engineers’ communication, narrative and influencing skills just by reading the contents. Environmental engineers should use first person singular while writing CERs. There is specified format for CER and it should be written in essay style. Some of the titles a professional CER format should have are introduction, background, personal engineering activity and     summary. Candidates should restrict the words to a minimum of one thousand and maximum of 2500 words. EA dislikes lengthy reports and loves reading precise and crisp CER.

Roles and responsibilities

There is a vast scope for young and dynamic engineers who have successfully finished environmental engineering. Waste management companies, pollution control boards, sewage treatment plants and other firms which are into ecological engineering divisions will recruit aspirants who have successfully finished environmental engineering courses from reputed universities. They should have done four years course in reputed engineering colleges and should hold engineering certificates.

Companies which recruit migrant engineers from India, Sri Lanka, Europe and other countries will offer essential posts like project engineers, managers and leaders and support engineers. These organisations will also provide best salary and perks for the aspirants and treat them royally. If they offer dedicated and best services to the inducting organization, they can expect promotions, perks and such other emoluments.  Majority of the engineers who stepped into this country after submitting CER have received permanent citizenship visas.

Engineering companies will treat environmental engineers with great respect and provide maximum training to them frequently and sharpen their skills. Australia enjoys rich climate and economy and recruits hundreds of engineers from other countries and gives them best employment. Explore and download the sample reports here.