Career Episode For Report Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineer involves with the activity of hydrocarbon production. It can be Natural Gas or Crude Oil. Petroleum Engineers who want to make their Career in Australia. Skilled professional Engineer can only make a mark as a Petroleum engineer in Australia. Engineers who belong to the Petroleum field in have a high demand in Australia from all over the world. The critical thing to do a job in Australia is they are giving attraction wages with other benefits to the Engineers.

CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a combination of customized career episode report Petroleum engineer to show your competency in English language and your skills in engineering. A full cdr for Petroleum Engineer report should be provided by all the engineers who are interested in migrating to Australia to work there.  EA always wants to make sure that only the best and competent engineers migrate to Australia. To ensure this, they have set immigration requirements in the migration skills assessment booklet.

Elements of Petroleum Engineer Australia

The active petroleum engineer report must contain following components,

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Three Career Episode
  • Summary Statement

The Petroleum engineer career episode report (CER) shows your personal experience and achievements in academics as well as the professional area. So, it is essential to submit active career episode of the petroleum engineer. It will boost your chances of employment. It should be prepared on your own. It should be written in perfect Australian English without grammatical mistakes as it depicts your communication skills too.

Job Responsibility

The Petroleum Engineer does the following activities,

  1. Provides advice in engineering operation for the exploration, location and extraction of petroleum or natural gas.
  2. Determines locations for drilling
  3. Decides on types of Derrick and equipment, including and seabed platforms
  4. Controlling the flow of oil or gas from wells methods are devised.
  5. Logs recording production from flowing wells is compiled.
  6. Engineering operations and cost estimates are prepared.
  7. Necessary safety procedures and facilities are provided
  8. Consults with geologist and other engineers on the location, design and development of extractive processes
  9. Plans and implements protection and restoration of the environment.

Career episode report for immigration to Australia

CDR is critical for Engineers to be qualified for the skilled migration visa to Australia. Mostly Engineers do not have much knowledge about sample career episodes report for Petroleum engineer Australia.

Migrants who are interested to work in Australia should provide a full 233612: petroleum engineer cdr report. If it’s not as per MSA booklet, the document is suspended.  Some prepare their petroleum engineer cdr Australia report, some prepare and write a career episode report for immigration to Australia.

Career Episode of Petroleum engineering Format

Career episode for Petroleum engineer must be written using first person singular form and essay format not as a table.

  • The introduction part should be of 100 words approximately.
  • It should include the chronological order of the date and duration of the career episode; the location of the experience gained; the name of the organisation; the title of the position that you have occupied.
  • Next part the background should consist of 200-500 words.
  • It provides the context of your work or academics experience. It should include the details such as nature of the Engineering project, Project objectives,
  • Work area nature, A chart which highlights your position in the organisation which should be relatable to the career episode and a statement of your responsibilities.