Career Episode Report Telecommunications Engineer

 Telecommunication engineering involves diverse fields of civil, electrical, and electronic and the computer makes the world smaller and bring the countries closer. Australia, the ultimate destination for engineers around the world, prefers more of telecommunication engineers than others.  From the circuit design of telephones and radios to satellite communications and internet technology, telecommunication opens up a wide range of engineering jobs.  With the technology development every day, telecom is the most sought out engineering for innovative engineers to have a bright future.  We deal with career episode report telecommunications engineer for Australia.

Career episodes sample Telecommunications Engineer Australia

    The three career episodes sample Telecommunications Engineer should be in the job category one is opting for in Australia.  The individuality in telecommunication skills will be of utmost importance.  The individual milestones, innovative out of the box ideas, problem-solving skills, responsibilities, and duties performed should be highlighted brightly and entirely in the career episode reports.

    The career episode report Telecommunications Engineer pdf should be written in Australian English without any grammatical errors or plagiarism. The work is done and the skills exhibited should be in the in engineer’s exhibiting the experience for better understanding. Three career episode reports with numberings should be done for constructing the summary report.  Each of the career reports should be 1000 to 2500 words with more skill information than technical materials or details.       All of them should include the introduction, background, personal contribution, and summary.   The three career episode reports should be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 for the first report and accordingly for the second and third.

      The career episode Telecommunications Engineer should have been about the role and duty in an establishment, or an ongoing or finished project with the engineer’s individuality and problem-solving skill exhibiting works.  The reports should be of three parts with an introduction in 100 words, the background of projects in 200 – 500 words and professionalism activity in 500 – 1000 words. The professional engineering activity should be in detail in exhibiting the individual skills in a particular field of telecommunication and relate to the specified job applied. 

Responsibilities of Telecommunication Engineers Australia

The duties of telecommunication engineers spread across various fields of engineering.  Next to medicine the modern day telecommunication engineers are responsible for bringing in the technological development from its core to every household and use of all kind in today’s fast-moving world.  The responsibilities range from primary circuit designing to strategic mass developments which are listed below:

Developing, installing and maintaining of telecommunication equipment and facilities in wired telecommunications like coaxial cables and optical fibers. High data transmission services in internet and broadband technology.

  1. Services in IP network and Microwave technologies.
  2. Providing solutions to issues in a swift way in this world where time is money.
  3. Innovate existing facilities with new ideas for better and healthy functioning.
  4. Inventing new telecommunication facilities for a better world.
  5. Solutions for the wireless mode of communications like radio, wireless telephones, and satellite communications.

How helps on writing career episode report telecommunication engineer

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