Career Episode Report

First of all, let’s talk about Competency Demonstration Report because career episodes are a part of this Competency Demonstration Report. Competency Demonstration Report which is commonly known as the CDR report is a collection of documents. These documents are considered and valued as proofs of the educational, academics and professional experiences or skills mentioned by the Engineering graduate. This CDR report should be sent to the Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia which is commonly known as the EA is an organization that plays a vital role in recruiting and employing the Engineering graduates on the basis of the CDR reports submitted by them. Thus the career episode report submitted by the Engineering graduate serves as the main source for assessing and evaluating the competencies of the candidate or the applicant.

Engineering chances available in Australia

CDR report plays an important role in increasing the chances of the Engineering graduate in migrating to Australia and establishing their career in the field of Engineering at Australia. An effective CDR report should be composed or drafted of three main components. They are the three career episode report, the continuing professional development and the curriculum vitae. Among these three essential components of the CDR report, the three career episode part is considered important and is given extra attention while drafting a CDR report. This is because the three career episodes part depicts your academic, professional, educational, communication, writing, management skills, etc.

Hence it is important to draft an effective and error-free career episode. The writing of the career episodes part of the CDR report is an important and crucial part of it.

Word limitations for your engineering report

On the basis of this part, only the Engineering graduate will be judged whether his talents and abilities are equal to the Australian standards or the companies. The three career episodes report is commonly known as the CE. In this part, you will have to write three numbers of essays. Each of these essays should highlight and show your skills, abilities, talents, etc in the field of Engineering. It should reach the expectation level of the officials of the Engineers Australia as they will be the whole responsible for selecting the candidates on the basis of the CDR reports submitted by them. The essays you write in the career episode report should be of minimum 1000 words to maximum 2500 words in length. It should be written in the first person. In this part of career episodes, you should write about your skills, abilities, experience, etc in the field of Engineering and mention the specific time or duration of the experiences that you are writing about. The three essays that you write in the career episodes should cover different experiences or skills on your experience in the field of Engineering. By this, you will be able to draft an effective career episode and showcase your talent or skills to the officials of the Engineers Australia.

What is the main rule to be followed in CDR writing?

The main rule that should not be forgotten here is that the whole CDR report should be written in a perfect Australian English without any grammatical error or mistakes, as it depicts your communication skill too. Here are some of the tips that will be of great help in drafting or writing the career episodes. Make of list of competencies that the Engineers Australia are looking for and keep it for reference while drafting the career episodes CDR report. Then think about the situations that you have made use of the skills that you have mentioned in your career episode report writing. Now talk about it in the essays that you are writing in the career episodes. Don’t just add any skills you can. Because you should provide or attach proofs for each and every kind of details that you have mentioned in the career episodes. Be careful about how you are narrating on the career episodes. While writing the career episodes report part all you have to do is to focus on the applications of the skills and abilities that you have in the field of Engineering.

Personal specifications enrolled in your CDR writing:

Note that you should use only singular form of verb. For instance: “I achieved”, “I worked”, “I interned”, etc. This defines you. When you are writing about the problems that you have faced and solved in your past experience, highlight it and write it in a detailed manner. This will make your career episodes report part look more effective and believable too. The career episodes should have four parts: Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity and Summary. The introduction part should consist of details such as dates, duration, geographical or specific location, name of the organization or institute, title of the position, etc in a chronological order. The introduction part should be written in 100 words. Then follows the Background part: This part should consist of your details such as academics, engineering projects, internships, highlights, job description, responsibilities, etc. This part should be written in 200 to 500 words.

Next part is the Personal Engineering Activity. In this part you have to talk about the jobs that you have carried out, your accomplishments, challenges faced, tasks undertaken, achievements, ideas, etc. This part should be written in 500 to 1000 words. Finally the summary: It should cover the highlights of the career episodes such as competencies that are related to Engineering drafted by you. This is the final part of the career episodes. Your career episodes should not be too technical or too generic. Write it in a balanced manner. We at CDR Australia are widely known for providing service and assistance in CDR report globally. We ensure you 100% selection and positive results in your career. We have a team of experienced CDR writers working with us. These CDR writers are professional Engineers who have settled with good careers at Australia. They are graduates from well known universities. Your CDR reports will be drafted by them and presented to you within the given deadline. Engineers who are looking for assistance in drafting CDR report.