CDR For Australian Visa

CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is a step that the aspiring engineers from various nations of the world need to qualify to stay and work in Australia. If they are eligible for the CDR report, they can also get their CDR for Visa approved by an association named Engineers Australia (EA).  Every year many of the CDR application forms get rejected by the EA assessors.

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10 Major Points to Write an Idea CDR Report for Australian Visa

  1. Always try to start your Career Episode with an idea of the talking about projects and the company for which you have worked. It might include project objectives, company name, company location, company background, career stage, project duration and your position in that project.
  2. Go through the ANZSCO Code of your branch of engineering in details. Here cover as much as possible all the tasks or responsibilities carried out by you in that project.
  3. In each of the career episodes (CE), you need to include 5 or 6 of the tasks that can be referred in the Summary Statement. Always read the Engineers Australia (EA) guidelines very carefully and number all the paragraphs of your Career Episodes. You need to refer to these Career Episodes while writing your Summary Statement. The applicants need to write only the Career Episodes in active voice and first person.
  4. You always need to remember the actual purpose of submitting your CDR report. The assessors of the EA (Engineers Australia) want to see all the technical or engineering problems solved by you during your whole career. Always try to keep these problems relevant to your engineering discipline as per the ANZSCO codes.
  5. The design components carry a very high value in the EA assessments. Thus, the applicants need to mention minimum two designs worked by you and mention the details associated with these designs.
  6. Always keep track of the technical or engineering calculations performed by you during the project along with the results and the outcomes. Mention all the processes used by you for them. Include these details in your Career Episodes and also refer them in your Summary Statement.
  7. Mention any codes or standards followed by you, training attended and the software used by you. This leads more originality to the CDR report and shows your growth as an engineer.
  8. In your CPD list, always mention the meetings participated in by you. The seminars, workshops and presentations attended by you. In the Career Episodes, show the literature review or documentation work or the presentations given by you to various stakeholders or clients for any projects. These show your commitment to various technical projects.
  9. Any innovations along with other clients or team members and evaluate the tram works along with the capabilities to lead the team. The EA tram looks for certain personality traits to gains the potential CDR for Visa. If you can prove how beneficial you were for your company, the EA ram will give you more credit points.
  10. Mention how you handled the technical environment in one or multiple of your career episodes. Always mention the safety and health-related rules and regulations. It is also good if you suggest in-company measures or social activities that you undertook for various safety measures.
  11. Always say all your professional achievements at the terminal part of your Career Episodes. These include all the project outputs, your recognition, targets met by you, etc. Thus, you always need to highlight all these.

You always need to remember that you should be more specific about your role in the previous projects rather your team or former company. If you avail the online CDR for Australian Visa service from, our experts will guide you in the best way to write the CDR report.

CDR for Visa Australian application

  • Always visit the official website of Engineers Australia (EA)
  • On the site go to the “Skill Assessment “ section to download the EA booklet there
  • Read the booklet multiple times very carefully and take down all the important points
  • Never copy other peoples’ work, then your CDR will be immediately cancelled under “plagiarism.”
  • Write about three projects completed by you during your employment and study. Mention all the personals role related to the projects.
  • If the project was finished during your job, a reference letter is needed from your current or previous employer. If anyway, it is not possible for you in getting the reference letter, do not mention the project.
  • Allot a word limit of minimum 1800 words for every project
  • You need to write regarding your entire project, strictly as per the EA (Engineers Australia) guidelines
  • Write the whole CDR report in Australian English

Non-English speaking candidates need to get a good score in the online IELTS exam to get the CDR for Visa

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