CDR for Mining Engineers Australia-Anzsco Code: 233611

The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) acts as a vessel to the engineers who are willing to migrate to Australia. CDR for Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) Australia can be prepared by the engineers themselves, but most of them would not take the risk as they find this task quite tricky and also consumes a lot of time. So they hire the services of engineering report experts to prepare a competency report for immigration to Australia. A Competency Demonstration Report is a complete collection of engineering form, personal details like birth certificate etc., IELTS results, your resume or Curriculum Vitae, CPD listing, 3CERs and summary statement reports. Career episode and summary statement are the hardest part of the summary statement report.

Sample CDR for Mining Engineers Australia

Mining Engineers who are planning for Australian immigration for studies or career purposes should submit some documents to the government and immigration authority. Gaining entry into Australia is not an easy task. There are many rules and regulations framed by the educational institutions and immigration authorities which are to be followed by the engineering students. One of the critical documents that have to be submitted by the immigrants to EA (Engineers Australia) for their authorisation is mining engineer CDR Australia.  Engineers Australia will choose the candidates only after scrutinising the CDR thoroughly and when they are satisfied with it. Engineers Australia wants to know just about you and not your company.  The sample CDR for mining engineer Australia report should be taken seriously, and it has to be written according to the specifications and rules framed by the Engineers Australia.

Career Episodes Mining Engineer Australia CDR

An engineering discipline that applies science and technology for extracting minerals from the earth is called as Mining engineering. Geology, mineral processing and metallurgy are the other disciplines that are associated with Mining Engineering. The Mining Engineers design safe and efficient mines for removing coal and metal. They ensure that the underground resources are extracted safely and efficiently. The mining process consists of Blasting, leaching, flotation, electrostatic separation, gravity separation, magnetic separation and hydraulic separation. And also career episodes mining engineer Australia is mandatory to migrate from Australia.

Job responsibilities for Mining Engineers Australia

  • Conducts preliminary surveys with geologists to determine the feasibility of ore extraction.
  • The most suitable methods of ore extraction have to be determined.
  • Conducts formal reviews and informal reviews of mining operations.
  • Controls expenditure and prepares operation and project estimates.
  • Assessing the feasibility of the benefits of new sites.
  • Designs, selection and provision of machines, facilities, infrastructures such as access roads, water and power supplies etc. should be consulted with geologists and other engineers.
  • Plans the utilisation of labour and equipment consistent with safety, efficiency and environmental conditions.
  • Determines the safety of processes and my walls and advises on the prevention of slippage and rock falls.
  • Monitoring underground performance.
  • Managing budgets, analysing data, keeping records, ascertaining extraction risks, training and supervising staffs.
  • Produce models or plans for mining sites.
  • Handling different types of construction projects.
Do Mining Engineers have jobs in Australia?

The competition is fierce when looking for jobs in mining in Australia now. One has to work hard to earn the big bucks. Engineers across the globe are looking for jobs in Australia as it is a dream for many of them. 233611: Mining Engineers Australia can enjoy tremendous benefits of work culture with a prestigious lifestyle.

Average salary for Mining Engineers in Australia

Experience has a moderate effect on the wages of Mining Engineers. The average pay for a Mining Engineer is AU$116,952.

Pathways and immigration for Mining engineering

    There are two pathways for the recognition of your qualification. They are-

  1. It is mandatory that your skills must be a recognised Engineering qualification. If you have completed your Engineering from UK, USA, Canada etc. you come under this pathway.
  2. A CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is comprehensive writing for Engineers who provide non-recognized qualification. CDR writing is mandatory for the Engineer Australia. If you have completed your engineering degree from countries like India, Pakistan etc., you are covered under this pathway. Competency Demonstration Report is a significant component of Engineers Australia.

Occupation of Mining Engineer is one of the prestigious jobs in Australia. This is enlisted in the demand list of Australia for engineers across the world with the intention of Australia Immigration. To migrate to Australia as an engineer, you must have a valid recognised engineering qualification to avail the benefits of the work.

How to write sample CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) for Mining Engineering

    Sample CDR for Mining engineering (excluding petroleum)

  1. Curriculum Vitae: This is a resume based that should be on a professional template.
  2. Continuing Professional Development: This is to show that the engineer has kept himself up-to-date in the field of engineering. The following information also should be mentioned: Title of training, date of practice, duration of training, and venue of training. This is to explain the author’s engineering knowledge –in 1000 words
  3. Career episode: Each episode should emphasise the problem that you found in the engineering field and also the solution you have applied to that particular issue.

Mining Engineer career episode 1:  “Mining seismicity processing” in about 2100 words

Mining Engineer career episode 2: “Stone crushing” in about 2000        words

Mining Engineer career episode 3: “Assessing culture of coal mining”- in about 2000 words

  1. Summary statement: In this section of the report you should showcase your skills by mentioning instances from your career episodes.Explanation of your competency elements-in about 1000 words.