CDR for Telecommunication Network Engineer Australia-Anzsco Code: 313212

 A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a set of documents to demonstrate your eligibility and competency of your skills in the engineering field and also your fluency in the English Language. Sometimes Engineers Australia will ask you to prepare a CDR for Telecommunications Network Engineer on your own to know your communication skills. And if your report is poorly prepared then your chances of migrating will reduce. The Telecommunication Network Engineers Australia plans, install and support the telecommunications network. If you want to choose your career as Telecommunication Network Engineers, then you should have a good knowledge about all the data systems in the computer. Another name for Telecommunication Network Engineers is ‘computer network architects’.

Telecommunications network engineer CDR Australia

    A competency report is mandatory for an Engineer who is planning to migrate to Australia. It is to demonstrate your competency skills as an Engineer. Preparing a telecommunications network engineer Australia on your own is a tough job as it is time-consuming and hectic. It should be error free and should not contain any plagiarism. So some Engineers hand over the responsibility to career episodes telecommunication field engineer because if the engineering report is not up to their expectation they will reject it and the chances for cdr rejections will increase. It should be made according to the rules and regulations of the EA (Engineers Australia) because it will be scrutinised thoroughly and will be selected only if they are satisfied with it. The EA always makes sure that just the best set of Engineers are migrated to Australia

Sample CDR for telecommunication field engineer Australia

 There are two steps to assess the Telecommunication Network Engineer’s qualification for the Engineers Australia. If your skill is not recognised in Australia, then you will be required to write a Competency Report. It is the essential step towards your immigration process in Australia. You have to write an engineering report to Engineers Australia. This demonstration report acts as a medium that allows Engineers Australia to evaluate your skills in communication, writing and other requirements needed for the job. There are a lot of sample engineering reports available on the internet and other resources for you to refer to start writing. A qualified telecommunication network Engineer must look after the calls, support, complaints and clarifications etc. Migration to Australia is common among Engineers. Telecommunication network Engineers from India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Brazil and other countries apply for migration on Engineers Australia.

One is the Telecommunication Network Engineer’s qualification should be recognised by Australia, and the other one is to sample CDR for telecommunication field engineer and apply for migration to Australia.

Sample CDR for Telecommunication Network Engineer

  1. Curriculum Vitae: This is a resume based and it should be on a professional template.
  2. Continuing Professional Development: This is to showcase the engineer’s skills in updating himself in the engineering field. This is to explain your engineering knowledge –in 1000 words
  3. Career episode: Each episode should emphasise the problem that you identified in this area and also the solution you have applied to it. It should highlight your knowledge in the Engineering field along with your skills and talents.

Skill assessment for Telecommunication Network Engineer for Australia

    A Telecommunication Network Engineer ANZSCO: 313212 is a person who designs and implements the infrastructure that helps us to make and receive calls, access the internet and receive the connections or signals on the TV and Radio. They work for telecom companies like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone etc. and also for TV and radio broadcasting companies. They need IT skills, and even electronic capabilities and they are also different from telecom technicians.  Telecommunication Network Engineering is a work for tomorrow. These Engineers have created some changes in our day to day life. For example, all you need to take is your credit card. They manage different telecommunication networks.

The EA will take skill assessment of Telecommunication Network Engineer care. Your skills will be evaluated before your migration. There are no formal degrees required for Telecommunication Network Engineering. But people with an educational qualification in the same field would be more likely to get high positions in the area. To remain marketable, it is mandatory to get a bachelor’s degree in engineering.  The demand for Telecommunication network Engineers is increasing day by day, as people are looking forward to more improvement in the technologies.

 How to write Telecommunication Network Engineers three career episode Australia

Telecommunication Network Engineers career episode 1:  “Topology control for wireless network” in about 2100 words

Telecommunication Network Engineers career episode 2: “Designing based on LED” in about 1950         words

Telecommunication Network Engineers career episode3: “Designing rectangular and triangular shaped antenna”- in about 2000 words

  1. Summary statement: In this section of the report your skills have to be showcased referring your career episodes.Explanation of your competency elements-in about 1500 words.
Job responsibilities for Telecommunication Network Engineer
  • Major work or liability of a telecommunication engineer is to work with hardware and services of telecommunication.
  • They are responsible for knowing about the workings of telecommunication systems.
  • To handle telecommunication equipment and support it to any level.
  • Should look into different technical problems by identifying and finding solutions to it.
  • To build and design telecommunication systems.
  • To possess a wide range of knowledge in installation and telecom systems and thus helping them with it.
  • To visit the sites regularly to check if any repair is needed.
  • Authorization for the quality of the equipment should be provided.
  • Initially get to know about the company’s rules and norms and work accordingly.
  • They are responsible for identifying problems and also solutions to it.
Average salary for a Telecommunication Network Engineer

    The demand for a Telecommunication Network Engineer is increasing day by day. Australian companies are looking for skilled and qualified engineers. An average salary for a telecommunication Network Engineer is $92575.

Designation for Telecommunication Network Engineer

    Engineers who want to work as a Telecommunication Network Engineer should have an excellent understanding of the computer data and systems. These Engineers should install and design the data communication of a company.