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Competency demonstration reports shortly know as cdr which is nothing but the report for skilled migration which is assessed by ANZSCO (Australian New Zealand standard classification of occupation). Engineers Australia (in short EA) is responsible for assessing engineering competencies and skill to approve work visa or to settle over there.

We @ CDR Australia . Org can help you to make perfect competency demonstration (CDR Report) in order to migrate Australia, New Zealand, UK or Canada. We supported thousands of engineers to get their goals. It does not matter you are outside or in Australia and need migration skilled assessment for visa for job or to live in beautiful countries mentioned above.

Component of Competency Demonstration Report To Get CDR Writing Help

To get your competency report approved, you should write quality it in such a way that it should not be rejected in first attempt as if it’s so you will be banned for one year and you will be allowed to resubmit it again after that. So before starting, you can have CDR Help to ensure the 100% success to get your dream.

Steps to write best CDR Report for Engineers Australia

Three Career Episodes Report: –

there are some points which to be keeping in mind.

It should be written as per occupation you selected to get job each career episodes must be based on engineering skills which you done in four years.

It should be not any other language but only in English. It should be written in your own words so that assessor can understand that it’s your work not others.

Do not use much technical details such as photos, calculation, tables etc… but must prove the engineering skills for occupation which you selected.

All career episodes should contain the problem you identified and the tools/techniques to get over from such issue while doing projects.

The aim of such point is to know your individual rile in achieving task objective.

Each report should not be much lengthy. You can make it in range 1000 words to 2500 words maximum.

Important point is that each cdr career episodes should be well written in the first person singular clearly indicating your individual role in project you done. Example: It is done…, I was involved, I completed.

Each paragraph should be numbered as its required to make summary statement report. Ex: Paragraph 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. for all three career episodes report.

All three reports should not be in tabular format but it is required in essay format and

Below format is necessary

Introduction in 100 words with date and duration of projects and location where job was done, name of the company and the title of designation

Background in 200 to 500 words maximum by mentioning nature of project, objective of project and duties statement.

PEA (Personal Engineering Activity) in 500 to 1000 words by explain how used your engineering skill, the task given to you and how to done along with methods you used to come over.

Summary Statement in 50-100 words by explaining overall view of project completed. How projects meets their goal and your role to make success the project. This makes your overall impression.

Summary Statement Report

After finishing three career episodes, you have to analyze the competency component you selected occupation categories because it will be used to write best summary statement report. This is reason each paragraph is numbered. There are different summary statement format for different occupation skilled and it can be download on engineers Australia website. Summary statement can be in number of pages as per you need. Do not make it in single page.

(CPD) Continuing Professional Development Report

CPD is report in competency assessment which tells the up-to-date development in gained by you. Once you complete the engineering degree and then you move for job. This report of cdr speaks the up-to-date knowledge of development you gained such as seminar you attended, conferences where you published paper, short courses, workshops, discussion groups, technical meeting and private study (includes book, journals, manuals, etc.).

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