Competency Demonstration Report Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia approval is necessary for any engineering occupations in Australia. If there is a will, there is a way. Competency demonstration report engineers Australia is the best way for migrant engineers to get the approval from EA.

Engineers Australia approves engineers for a profession in Australia in 5 pathways.  They are as follows:

  • Australian qualifications: Qualifications obtained from the countries of the three Accords signed by EA.

They are as follows:

  • The Sydney Accord
  • The Dublin Accord
  • The Washington Accord
  • The fifth and most crucial pathway to the engineering profession in Australia is the CDR Assessment.

The four pathways have some difficulties which are also rectified by a good CDR. Hence CDR or the Engineers Australia Competency demonstration report is the most important way to obtain the dream engineering profession in Australia. Engineering Manager Category is the fourth one to be assessed by the Engineers Australia for migrant engineers.  This category is specially added to enable the non accredited qualifications. CDR report plays a vital part in this category approval.

CDR report should be in a way to meet the standards and norms of EA.  Since it is equivalent to the qualifications and skill assessments to work in Australia, there should not be any complacency in preparing the CDR. CDR Report should be on par with this standard to get the approval. The qualifications obtained from the countries signing these accords can only be accredited if they are completed in or after the date of signing the agreement.  Anything short of this for any of the qualifications fails to get the approval of the Engineers Australia.  They need a Competency Demonstration Report for approval.

Australian Qualifications: The studies in Australia till the 12th grade and graduation in engineering and the required post-graduation will get the approval of EA instantly.  If the post-graduation is done outside of Australia or not within the norms of EA or as per the ANZSCO codes, then a CDR report is required for approval.

Also, the year shown in each program is the year accredited by Engineers Australia.  There are two types of accreditation of these programs.  They are full and within time and provisional which exceeds the time limit. They are represented as ‘F’ and ‘P’ respectively. The provisional accredited programs done in Australia also need a Competency demonstration report for engineers Australia to get approval.

CDR Australia well knows these crucial facts for which the CDR report is applied and accordingly processed.  The professional team of engineer writers of all domains and various countries enables CDR Australia to cater to all kinds of CDRs across the world. Competency demonstration report of engineers Australia well knows the ways and means of Engineers Australia for getting the CDR approved.  The Engineers Australia functions should be well understood to get the approval.

There are two types of assessment by the Engineers Australia:

  • Accredited Qualification: Qualifications obtained from Australia and the countries which are in the Accords signed by EA.
  • Non-Accredited Qualification: The non-accredited diploma which is approved by the CDR can get the Engineering Manager job in Australia.  For this, the CDR should be proper as to the specifications of the EA.  This is well done by the step by step methodology of CDR Australia.

How Helps in Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia (EA)

Engineers Australia Competency Demonstration Report specifies the skills portrayed by the aspiring engineering migrant. This should be on par with the high standards and levels of the norms of EA. provide step by step methodology by engineer writers who have got approved by similar CDR assessment.  There are engineer writers of all domains in CDR Australia to guide the new aspirants patiently and adequately to get the approval in the first instance itself.

  • Once the aspirant engineer comes into contact with CDR Australia, they are navigated through the rough weathers of EA by a proper, systematic and in a friendly manner by the team of CDR Australia.
  • The questionnaire session includes all the details from the engineers of their skills and requirement of the kind of profession in Australia.
  • Their category of CDR is determined from their background along with the skills. They could be one from the discrepancy of the first four pathways of Australian qualifications discrepancy, or the issues in the qualifications obtained from the Accord countries.
  • Based on the input and evidence a draft is prepared by the professional team and rechecked and reconfirmed with the engineers.
  • Then it is submission and visa time for the engineers. They can fly all the way to Australia for their dream profession for a lifetime of happiness.

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