CPeng Report Example Australia

A CDR report for engineers is the foremost step to migrate to Australia. The report contains all skills and talents possessed by the applicant. As the name suggests, these reports demonstrate the competency of an applicant. This report decides the fate of applicants; the EA considers the report before permitting the applicant to migrate to Australia. This applicant may vary for different types of engineers. There are so many fields, and requirements as the EA expects the applicant to be skilled in their mentioned filed. Same goes for the chartered professional engineers. The Cpeng report example varies from other fields, but the same necessary things like the format of a report are standard for all areas. There is a standard format for all such documents, and EA expects a fabricated version of the records added to the English competency test submitted by the applicant to the engineers Australia. There can some qualification which is required by the EA,

  1. Have a Washington Accord-accredited qualification (Bachelor of Engineering Honors) or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge.
  2. Complete an assessment to show you meet the competency standard.
  3. Commit to the CP Eng Code of Ethical Conduct.
  4. Be reassessed at least every six years to maintain your CP Eng registration.

Chartered professional engineer Australia

A chartered professional engineer is a characterized engineer who can develop solutions for engineer problems, using technologies; a Cpeng report example for a chartered engineer includes 16 engineering competencies claim. This is the usual format of chartered professional engineers report. The General career episode contains the essential features such as the ability and skills of chartered professional engineers. Career episodes should be taken seriously and written however creative possible. The professional chartered professional engineers in Australia will provide significant benefits and skilful environment for engineers. The benefits offered are prominent, and writing a Career episode for chartered professional engineers is considered as one of the central section of stage 2 cdr Cpeng report example. The chartered professional engineers like all other engineers should submit an English competency test with their CDR report. The MSA booklet contains all such procedures for applicants to get a better idea. Make sure use your own fabricated report with all details included. Don’t forget to add your resume, certifications etc. The resume format is mentioned by the EA, Résumé should be no more than three A4 sheets. For every single workplace provide the organization name and location of the organization including contact details of the organization. Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) applications can take a long time to process, the delay in the result is depended on the number of incoming requests. However, you can fast track your application and have it assigned to an assessor for processing within 20 working days, fast-tracking your CDR will cost you extra,

Importance of writing in a correct format of Cpeng/Stage 2 CDR

The career episode for chartered professional engineers shows the working experience and the calibre of the immigration applicant. Then along with their talent, knowledge it shows their working skills in the area of chartered professional engineering on the career episodes. The Cpeng report example will illustrate the professional work done by the applicant, how the following are the necessary contents, details of your previous Engineering project and your job’s objectives and include the quality of your work at our organisation. Since Australia is providing an excellent opportunity for chartered professional engineers, they require a chart to demonstrate the engineer’s position in the organisation which should be relatable to the career episode. The career episodes include engineer’s responsibilities in their organization. The report should also have a full detail on the applicant’s education details. The following content will help you to write your writing in the EA defined format. Since there could be thousands and thousands of reports, it takes time for them to respond. The EA expects the statement in the correct size. Small mistakes such as grammatical mistake can lead to rejection. Referring to someone else’s report can help but copying the exact description can be a significant mistake.

Sample/Example Chartered professional Engineering competency claim

The career episode includes any project and details your work in the particular project is added. First and foremost is the project title, and that differs accordingly. Include all aspects of your plans using charts etc.; include information such as the duration of your project, completion of your project. Include your role in the project and your risks and experience during the project.

The engineer Australia defined the format for writing 16 elements

 Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Chartered professional Engineer includes data such as Three Career Episodes, your Continuing Professional Development, Summary Statements and you’re Curriculum Vitae. The following is format defined by the EA;

Curriculum Vitae: The resume should be based on the prior limited professional experience.

The above mentioned are some of the necessary details for writing your CDR report, there are some reasons which can cause to be rejected or delayed by the EA. The usual process for approval takes six weeks and 15 days in fast-track services.

  • Plagiarism content / grammatical error will directly lead to rejection.
  • False details will directly lead to dismissal.
  • Not in EA defined format.
  • Urging the EA for results will result in delaying results.

Chartered involves proving (and then maintaining) competency in some areas of Obligation to the Community, Personal Commitment,  Value in the Workplace and your Technical Proficiency. There are currently 16 Elements in the Australian Stage 2 Competency Standards. We at CDR Australia will take care of guidelines to write your CDR writing for your Australia migration.

Engineering Competency Claim (ECC EA4 – Develop Safe Sustainable Solutions)

ECC: 5

Student Name: Mark Clarke                 Student Number: 61033738

Project Title: Dragline Power Supply Project

Dates: Jan 2012 to Dec 2012

Supervisor: Wayne Gould


Brief description of the project

The mine needed to developed new pit however a 66kV power Line prevented access. Furthermore to mine the pit effectively, new power line infrastructure had to be constructed. This would enable an electric Dragline and Shovel to further expose the new coal. The purpose of the project was to relocate the 66kV powerline, relocate a 66kV /6.6kV Substation and install new switched 66kV stublines to enable the Dragline travel to the pit.

My involvement in the project

I was responsible for development of the scope of works, engineering design, and installation of the new 66kv Power Lines and a 66/6.6kV Substation.

The Elements I will demonstrate in this ECC are:





Provide for the safety of workers and others


Take into account well-accepted standards of practice for design safety


Develop designs or solutions to engineering problems that balance impact


Manage engineering activities to enhance the prospects of future generations

MEP 9.1

Applies the principals of sustainable development


Knows and applies the tools commonly used for sustainable development


During this project, I considered the fire protection and other safety requirements as demanded by the client. I carried out the installation and removal procedures with great care and removed fire catching materials, such as acetylene, from the site premises. Potential fire sources such as soldering iron, brazing tools, etc. were also removed from the site. I tested all the equipment personally and made sure that they were certified by the contractor. I made sure that each equipment used in this project are complied with ROhs. I appointed an authorized company service to train the personnel for carrying out all the maintenance and installation operations correctly. I tested the installed equipment and performed troubleshooting to reduce system inefficiency. I reduced shock hazards by providing my team with insulated tools and garments that were implemented throughout the installation phase.

As I am familiar with safety rules, I instructed the worker to monitor the transformer and other electrical equipment before installing it to the substation. If there were burning smell immediately removed it from the power plug. I check the transformer regularly in order to minimize the breakdown in the system. I ensured that there was no leakage current within the system. I ensured that any tools such bolts, tools nuts must not fall into the transformer. I made sure that the project mates follow the personal protective equipment while dealing with the equipment of cast resin transformer. I warned my team members that don’t touch energized wire with a bare hand. I ensured that highly flammable equipment must be away from electrical equipment.

I designed a careful plan regarding installation and movement of the substation to the new site. I considered the lengh and trailer types such as steering number and axles follower. In order to conduct the installation, I arranged the adequate space for movement and connect the mobile substation. I also checked the insulation clearance and provided the adequate fencing. I analyzed that there was impossible to make the use of larger units at some location without modification of substations. I connected the transportable substation to the network of 66 kV and performed by overhead lines. For low voltage, I applied to cable and overhead line simultaneously. I made the connections of overhead line to the HV lines were short because of sagging and tension between the connection distances. I placed the folding or portable gantry on the trailer for precaution in case of long connection to support insulators and avoid too high stress. 

I followed the OSHA Standard to implement the safe working procedures. In order to make the project hazard free, I provided training and instruction to the workers. I followed standard operating procedures SOPs given in operational & maintenance manual before handling the equipment.  In case of any problem, I reviewed the information at the point of risk management and made the decision to control the risk. I also made sure that sustainable design were developed.

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