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Guidelines for documenting the Summary of Post-Graduate Professional Experience and the Competency Report on Post-Graduate Engineering Experience

Your application for registration must be accompanied by the Summary of Post-Graduate Professional Experience (Al.6) and the Competency Report on Post Graduate Experience in which your engineering experience from the date of obtaining the first engineering degree to the date of application is recorded in chronological order and typed or printed in black ink.

  • Number the periods in chronological order, which may not overlap.
  • Cover the period from graduation to date of application.
  • An experience period ends when:
  • Your work environment has changed, e.g. when a major task or project has been completed;
  • Your type of work has changed;
  • Your responsibilities or level of function have changed (for instance, as in a promotion);
  • You have changed employer;
  • Your training is interrupted (for instance by study or prolonged illness).

The experience periods and periods of interruption must also be noted in the Summary of Post­Graduate Professional Experience. Ensure that the form is signed (verified) by your relevant supervisor or employer and signed by you as the applicant. If you cannot obtain the head’s signature, please annotate accordingly in the appropriate block and put an affidavit to the effect that the data provided is true. If supporting documentation is appended, sign properly each document/papers and indicate to which experience period it refers.

In the Competency Report on Post-Graduate Engineering Experience on each two to four projects you indicated in the summary, you are expected to show how your engineering experience meets the competency requirements outlined in the eligibility criteria for registration.

  • Write it in the 1st person.
  • Describe the work you did. Do not just list tasks and projects but explain your role -to
  • What degree you were exposed or actually responsible for the work done personally.
  • Do not spend more than one paragraph describing the project work.
  • Include organ grams that show who you work with and should show your position, one level above and one level below your position in the organisation.
  • Indicate the competencies acquired either as a topic or on the margins of your report.

The following are points that could be included    in your Competency Report on Post-Graduate Engineering Experience and where applicable you could cover the following:

  • Your responsibility in a task
  • Your own contributions in a task
  • Organ gram with your position
  • Objective of each major task
  • Information base used
  • Method of problem analysis
  • Method of arriving at a solution
  • Criteria used in evaluation
  • Communication on a task
  • Interaction with other discipline
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Contracts and conditions of contract
  • Occupation, Health and Safety Laws
  • Finance and the build-up of the cost of a job
  • Management of materials, machines, manpower, methods or money
  • Handling of hazards and/or environmental aspects
  • Design drawings and/or images of work done

And any other points that relate to the competencies indicated in the Competency Checklist for Professional Assessment are appended in the criteria for registration.

  • Engineers with at least 15 years of post-graduate experience are also required to submit Competency Report on Post-Graduate Engineering Experience but they need not hand in lengthy reports in respect of the earlier years of their career.
  • A brief description, in bullet form or CV, indicating the type of work undertaken for each experience period will be acceptable.
  • This earlier part of the applicant’s experience may be verified by means of an affidavit where there is no supervisor or employer to verify.
  • However, the last five years of the experience must be reported on in detail and must be verified by supervisors/senior colleagues.
  • Hence mature applicants must provide evidence of engineering experience at an acceptable level and of sufficient variety in order that the assessment committee is placed in a position to be able to assess the application.

The Competency Report on Post-Graduate Engineering Experience should not exceed 4000 words in length.

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