Engineers Australia CDR

CDR – Competency Demonstration Report is needed for the aspiring engineers to work in Australia. To become eligible for staying and working in Australia, they need to qualify the engineers Australia CDR skills assessment, assessed by the Engineers Australia (EA) team.

There are three occupational categories, recognised by the Engineers Australia- Professional Engineer, Engineering Associate and Engineering Technologist as well Engineering Manager Category.

Migrant engineers from different parts of the world need to emphasise on writing the Engineers Australia CDR in the best way they can to get selected by them.

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Professional Engineer: The qualification needed to work as a professional engineer in Australia is 4 years of bachelor degree course in Engineering from a recognised university following a 12 years schooling or even equivalent.

A professional engineer in an Australian organisation takes the responsibility in the following categories:

  • He focuses on the overall system
  • Takes the technical action holistically by taking all the social, environmental and community issues into consideration
  • He applies a systematic approach to manage and conduct all the engineering projects
  • Applies all the systems engineering design and synthesis processes
  • He applies all the engineering methods to the complicated engineering problems
  • Applies his leadership and management skills

Engineering Technologist: The required academic qualification to pursue an engineering technologist job in Australia is a 3-year bachelor of engineering degrees following twelve years of schooling.

The job responsibilities of an Engineering Technologist are as follows:

  • He focuses on the interactions within the systems
  • Applies all the established engineering techniques, methods resources and tools within any technical domain.
  • He advances the engineering techniques.

Engineering Associate: The required academic qualification to work as an engineering associate in Australia is a two year advanced diploma course in engineering following 12 years schooling.

He has the following responsibilities:

  • He focuses on particular elements of the engineering system
  • He operates various codes and applies the established procedures and practices
  • Provides all the technical support to construct the managers and the engineering professionals in design, research, assembly, manufacture, construction, operation and maintenances of the machine and equipment
  • He also assists in site inspection and resource estimation
  • Prepares, inspects and interprets plans, drawings, diagrams, maps, charts and designs

Engineering Manager: The needed academic qualification to work as an engineering manager is a bachelor degree or even higher in any engineering discipline following twelve years of schooling.

He performs the following task:

  • Formulates the engineering strategies, plans and policies
  • Reviews and administrates the engineering operations for the organisation

To qualify for working at any of the job mentioned above categories, the applicant always needs to get their Engineers Australia CDR by the assessors. Applicants who do not belong to native English speaking nations need to pass an additional IELTS online exam along with the CDR.

Engineers Australia CDR Pathways

There are five application pathways for the migration skills assessment:

  1. Australian Qualifications
  2. Sydney Accord Qualifications
  3. Washington Accord Qualifications
  4. Non-Accredited qualifications
  5. Dublin Accord Qualifications

Migration Skilled Assessment Procedure for Engineers Australia CDR

Migrants Engineers will always be able to check their application status online by logging into the Engineers Australia (EA) official website.

  • The Assessment Turnaround Time: The turnaround time in processing the assessments may vary, depending on the number of incoming applications. Do not forget to check the website regularly for the recent updates. Do not try to contact the Engineers Australia (EA) team within this time frame.
  • If your assessor needs further information, a notification will be sent to your given email address. You need to sign on the Engineers Australia website “my Portal” section for the details and can submit any additional documentation if needed. The applicant’s response to any request is to b within the specified time frame to avoid cancellation of the application.
  • Assessment Outcome: if your CDR assessment is favourable, then you will get a confirmation mail in your email id.

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