Engineers Australia CDR Report

The CDR report or the Competency Demonstration Report is assessed by the Australian government body of the Engineers Australia (EA) for the engineers from across the globe to get high pay engineering job.

There are certain rules and writing styles which are to be followed but the engineers to write the best Engineers Australia CDR Report. Certain writing rules are always imposed by the Engineers Australia (EA) team which are always to be followed by the candidates to get selected for the jobs. A few of this rule are discussed in this article.

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CDR Reports Formats

  • Writing the three career episodes: A career episode is an account of the engineering education and work experiences of the applicant. Each of these carer episodes focuses on a defined or distinct aspect of the applicant’s engineering activities. Each episode needs to focus on how you can apply your technical knowledge and skill in your nominated occupation.
  • The career episodes are based upon the engineering task undertaken as a portion of your education program.
  • Any project you have previously worked or currently working
  • A specific post occupied by you currently or in the past
  • Any engineering issue you solved in your career

All the career episodes need to be written in English language and your own words. The word limit of each of your carer episode is 1000-2500 words.

Each of the career episodes needs to demonstrate the application of the English knowledge and your skills in the occupation. Here you need to state what you did and how you did, focussing your unique roles in the episode.

Do not add excessive technical details like calculations, photos, tables, etc. The carer episodes always need to emphasize your problem-solving skills. The career episode must be written in 1st person.

Format of the career episode report

Each of the career episodes need to be in an essay format and not in a tabular form. Each of these career episodes needs to follow the format below:

  1. Introduction: It should be approx. Words in length. This introduces the readers to the career episodes and must include-
  • Chronology: dates and durations the carer episodes
  • The geographical locations were the work experiences gained
  • Name of the organizations
  • Title of the technical position
  1. b) Background: This part of your career episode needs to be 200-500 words long. It sets the scene and gives the context in which you are studying or working. The background also includes the following things:
  • Nature of the engineering project
  • Project objectives
  • Nature of your work field
  • Char of the organisational structure, focussing your position
  • An official duty statement
  1. c) Personal Engineering Activities: This part is 500-1000 words long. This is the narrative body and the key assessor component. Here you need to describe in details the actual work performed by you. You need to state what is done by you and then, explain how you did them. It is always not enough to describe the work performed by any team but your role in that particular project. This section includes the following things:
  • The tasks assigned to you
  • The way you completed your assigned tasks
  • How you used your technical knowledge and skills
  • How you accomplished your delegated tasks

Preparing the Summary Statement report

The Summary Statement of the CDR sums up the impressions of the engineering activities and your role in them. It includes the following:

  • Your overall view of the project
  • How the project qualified in meeting requirements and goals of the company
  • Your role and contribution to the project

After completing the three career episodes, you need to analyse them for ensuring you have addressed all your competency elements for the nominated professional category. Results of these analyses will be demonstrated in the Summary Statement. It cross-references your competency elements with the specified paragraph in the Career Episode part where each element takes place.

You always need to number your paragraphs in your career episodes. The applicant needs to complete and download the summary statement for any nominated professional category. Only one summary statement is needed or all the three career episodes.

In the Summary Statement, there are the competency Elements and units. All these elements are needed to be addressed in your Summary Statement. If you are applying for the post of a professional engineer, then, you need t download the page from your website? Then, you need to complete it and submit with your CDR application.

The following are included in your checklist

  • A recent passport size photo
  • Photo id card
  • All academic degree certificates
  • Completed official academic transcripts
  • IELTS score card (If applicable)
  • Registration certificate
  • Documentary evidence of your employment history
  • Listings of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Three career episodes
  • Summary Statement of your nominated category
  • Photocopies of all the documents need to be duly signed by the authorized and governing body