Engineers Registration Board, Botswana

The applicants have to submit a competency report on post graduate engineering experience to apply for engineers registration board, Botswana. In this report applicants have to describe their professional engineering experience on different projects in the particular branch of engineering that they want to apply for registration. Applicants should write this competency report in 2000 to 4000 words. Applicants should describe their responsibilities, challenges, contributions and difficulties they faced in their involvement in the technical, managerial, contractual, regulatory and other areas in each project and how they solved that.

Competency Report On Post Graduate Engineering Experience

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For preparing a report, you should mention the following component:

  1. Competency elements for professional engineer
  2. Competency elements for professional engineering technologist
  3. Competency elements for professional engineering technician
  4. A summary of competency report on post-graduation engineering experience

You should indicate your competency elements in the headings of the write up or in the margins of the pages. Each project of your report should indicate clearly how you demonstrate your competency elements.



Competency Elements For Professional Engineer

  • Analysis of the problems: Analyze your problems and describe the scope of problem regarding your projects. And analyze the result of completed project. Also conduct a research and provide the valid conclusion.
  • Designation and development of the solution: You have to design and develop some innovative and creative ideas regarding your solution of the engineering problems. For better solution you have to initiate your plan in the right direction. You should consult stakeholders to determine their expectation.
  • Management of engineering activities and responsibilities: You should make plans and schedules for doing the project efficiently with an aim to get good outcomes. You have to manage different areas such as project management, production management, maintenance management and information management. You need to provide leadership in technical, commercial, social and environmental aspect of engineering activity. You have to take responsibilities of the project and assist others to do their work properly and on time.
  • Communication skills: Communicate with others fluently make good impression to the listener. Enhancing communication skill gives a person boldness to tackle every situation. Build and maintain the collaborative relationship with others to gain their trust and respect. You should use the oral and written communication to meet the needs and requirements of your audience.
  • Identification and management of risks: You have to develop and establish a risk management policies, procedure and protocol for the safety of the management. And try to find out the new techniques of risk management safety.

Competency Elements For Engineering Technologists

  • Analysis of the problems: Define, investigate and identify the scope of problems. Analyze and investigate the information, product and project to find out the problems occurred in that. Conduct a research to find out problems and improve the functionality of management.
  • Design and development of the solution: Develop your concepts to implement new idea and thoughts for finding the better solution. Choose new technique to deal with the engineering problems. Evaluates your problem and find out the better solution for that.
  • Management of engineering activities and responsibilities: Manage and plan your all engineering activities for the better outcome. Manage all works related to resources including personnel, finance and physical resources. You have to provide leadership in technical, commercial, social and environmental aspect of engineering activity. Accept your responsibilities and provide the best possible from your side and utilize the feedback of others.
  • Communication skills: You should communicate clearly and fluently with others during your engineering work activity. You should need to enhance your communication skill while talking to others and develop your listening power. Listen carefully while communicating to others.
  • Management of risks: you should provide your risks managing and handling capabilities. Provide your risk management policies and protocols and implement it to manage safety and hazards.

Competency Elements For Engineering Technician

  • Analysis of the problems: you have to provide how you tackle with the problems and difficulties while you doing your post-graduation. How you investigate and research to know the problems regarding your projects. And you solved it for making the improvement.
  • Design and development of solutions: you should show how you develop your solution finding techniques. Use of new technological equipment, application and system. You should provide how you deal with the problems regarding your projects.
  • Management of engineering activities and responsibilities: you should provide the details how you manage your engineering activity and responsibility while doing your post-graduation. It should show how you take responsibility of the work and how you utilize your knowledge and skills in order to make the improvement. You should provide your plans and ideas that you made for the progress of the engineering projects.
  • Communication skills: you need to show your communication skill for the competency of engineering. You have to enhance your communication skills to make yourself better than before and to improve your engineering activity. It is the most required things in any field of work. It gives the candidate the confidence to tackle every challenge during working on project.
  • Identification and management of risks: you need to provide your experience of risk handling and managing abilities. During post-graduation how you deal with risks that occurred in your project and how you show your skills of risk managing techniques.

Summary Of Post-Graduation Professional Experience 

You must provide a summary of post-graduation professional experience in your competency report. In the summary you should provide all your engineering experience from your graduation in engineering to the date of you applying for the registration. You must ensure that your application form is signed by your relevant supervisor and employer and also signed by you as an applicant.

In your competency report on post graduate engineering experience you should show your experience, knowledge and skills in each of your three or four projects to meet the competency requirement for the registration.

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