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ECC (EA1 Deal with Ethical Issues) 

Student Name: Mark Clarke                     Student Number: 61033738

 Project Title: 66kV Transportable Substation Upgrade Project

Dates: 2011 to 2015

 Supervisor: Wayne Gould / Electrical Engineering Manager  


Brief description of the project

The upgrade of 12 x  66kV/6.6kV Transportable substations which included the removal of fuses, structural modifications, installation of SF6 gas circuit breakers, protection and arc-flash relays. The project purpose was to enhance the safety of the machines and had to be completed with minimal interruption to operations. Project Value $7.5M.

My involvement in the project

I was responsible for development of the scope of works, identifying and selecting suitable switchgear and protection relays, coordinating the tender process and correspondence, leading the contract negotiations between the Client and the Supplier, with overall project management and coordination responsibilities including logistic of transport and cranage. (Some substations weighed more than 60Tonnes and required police escort/ Ergon and QR Rail clearance permits)

The Elements I will demonstrate in this Career Episode report are: 


In 2011, I started the project activities and completed in 2015. I was involved in developing the project scope, selecting switchgear, coordinating with the process of the tender, and protecting the relays. The main purpose of the project was to improve the machine safety and completed it with minimal interruption. I put my focus on the objectives of the project but also focuses that my decision, work, and responsibilities were exactly according to the ethical codes. I led all the project team and activities. I was involved in direct communication with the supplier and the client. It was my duty to make the controversial information of the client was not disclosed which included a budget of the client was not disclosed.

I managed the project activities like logistics of transport. I informed the contractor that the defective products were able to use or not. The management team assigned me to take a technical decision on the project. While taking any decision, I made sure that my decision never affected the other person perception. I needed to maintain the environment which was exactly according to the Engineers code of ethics. I was involved in the designing, commissioning, and installing a transportable substation, high voltage or low voltage substations, and high voltage power lines. The task assigned to me was to solve the issues of the project ethically. The tasks included completed the project activities in an allotted budget. I checked the quality of the product and decided that the defective products needed to be a ship or not. I avoided utilizing the products that were not in good working condition.

Apart from this, I always considered it my responsibility to maintain the integrity of the clients and company personal data. I never disclosed the information to the third party only share the concerning details. I made it a point to kept secrecy of the sensitive information.

I worked with my employees in a respectful manner and always listen the queries of the workers. I tried to sort out the problems in accordance with the ethical codes of the organization. My behaviour with my team workers was depended on the racism. I interacted with my workers in an honest and open manner. I usually followed the ethical codes and standards of the organization. I made sure that the workers who worked within the organization should also the ethical codes. It was very difficult to create a positive team dynamics and ensure that the project was successfully delivered at the time. I motivated my workers of the project team to complete the project tasks that were assigned to them. I equally distributed the tasks among the group member and avoided favouritism. I developed a formal relationship with the client and the team workers. I performed my works in such a way that recognized the requirement of all the clients and supplier. I performed my responsibilities by keeping in mind the requirement and needs of the future generation. I worked on this project within the competence and always respected my colleagues. Before taking a decision in any phase of the project, I discussed with the management, project owner, project engineer, and client. I made sure that everyone was agreed with my decision.

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