CDR Writing Services For Engineers Australia in Gambia

If you are from Gambia but want to immigrate to Australia, you must go through a migration skill assessment. It means you need to lodge a CDR application to Engineers Australia. A CDR is a technical document, which showcases your engineering skills and knowledge in the nominated occupation. Engineers Australia (EA) is an assessor who assesses your competency elements to ensure the best candidates can get approval for Australian immigration. So, if you want your immigration on your very first attempt, you need to prepare a compelling CDR for Engineers Australia.

But, the difficulty of a CDR often puts candidates in trouble and makes them avail of CDR Writing Services in Gambia.

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  • We assist you in preparing all three career episodes.
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  • We help in proper project selection as well.
  • We help you write an updated Resume/CV.

CDR Writers in Gambia for Engineers Australia

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CDR Writing Services in Banjul, Gambia

We deliver service in each part of Gambia so that we can support all struggling candidates who are seeking Australian immigration. If you are living in Banjul, the capital city of Gambia, you can easily avail of our service to ensure your 100% success in migration skill assessment. Our team of writers is always available to support you in framing a quality CDR that can grab EA’s attention for a successful skill assessment. If have been stuck between any of the documents of a CDR such as career episodes, summary statement, and CPD, you can avail of CDR writing services in Banjul.

CDR Writing Format for Skills Assessment with Engineers Australia

To write an impactful CDR, you need to write it in the required format by adhering to all the guidelines cited by Engineers Australia. A CDR comprises three elements that you must provide in your CDR.

Three Career Episode Report: To showcase the application of your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation, you need to draft three career episodes. Each career episode you write should be based on the distinct aspects of your engineering activity. You need to format each career episode into four sections such as:

  • An introduction: Through the introduction, you need to introduce readers to the career episodes.
  • Background: You should briefly describe the nature and objective of your overall engineering project.
  • Personal Engineering Activity: In this section, you need to interpret the actual work performed by you as it is the key assessable part.
  • A Summary: In the end, you should provide a summary for each career episode where you need to highlight the engineering activity and your role in it.

Summary Statement: Once you have completed your career episodes, you need to analyze them and provide the analysis result in the summary statement. A summary statement cross-references the key elements that you have already mentioned in different paragraphs of the career episode. You can also download the template from the Engineers Australia site to draft your summary statement.

A CPD report: You must provide a list of CPD in a tabular form. A CPD is a means by which you keep yourself updated with the developments in the engineering field. Your CPD should not be more than an A4 page. A CPD may include the details of:

  • The formal post-graduation study;
  • Conferences you have attended and where you have delivered papers;
  • Seminars, workshops, short courses, technical inspections, and technical meetings that you have attended;
  • Private study of the book, journals, and manuals.
How to Avoid CDR Rejections By Engineers Australia?

To avoid your CDR rejection, you must draft an impactful CDR that follows all the guidelines perfectly. You must keep the following points in mind:

  • You must write your documents in a coherent form in persuasive language.
  • You need to write each narrative in your own words and the English language.
  • You must write your documents using the first-person singular pronoun and active voice form.
  • If your career episodes are based on work experiences, you must provide evidence of employment.
  • You must number each career episode and the paragraphs within.
  • You must make a plagiarism-free and errorless CDR as EA strictly prohibits plagiarism.