KA02 Civil Engineering NZ (New Zealand)

Do you want civil engineering knowledge assessment 02 for Engineering NZ (New Zealand)? To get skilled migration to New Zealand, you need to apply for the Engineering New Zealand KA02 knowledge Assessment. Engineering NZ is a professional assessing body that holds Knowledge assessments to assess the knowledge of applicants applying to their discipline.

They categorize the knowledge assessment into two sections.

  1. Engineers who have qualified from a university that is accredited by Washington Accord need to submit a KA01 report to Engineering NZ
  2. And the engineers who have qualified from a university that is not accredited by Washington Accord need to submit a KA02 report for skilled migration NZ.

As you do not hold any formal engineering qualification that formally benchmarks to a Washington Accord-accredited degree, it is imperative for you to showcase that you have gained an equivalent level of knowledge.

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Civil Engineering NZ

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How To Demonstrate Your Equivalent Skills For Civil Engineering NZ – Civil KA02 Assessment—

You have to display your equivalent knowledge in the eight areas that are known as elements. You need to define each of the elements that the assessor looks for:

  • Element 1: Provide a systematic theory-based comprehension of the natural sciences applicable to your discipline such as chemistry, calculus-based physics, geology, astronomy, etc.
  • Element 2: Demonstrate the knowledge of conceptually-based mathematics, statistics, numerical analysis, and formal facets of computer and information science to support analysis and modeling applicable to the discipline.
  • Element 3: Showcase a proper, theory-based formulation of engineering fundamentals required in the engineering discipline.
  • Element 4: Mention engineering specialist knowledge that confers bodies and framework of knowledge for the accepted practice area in the engineering discipline.
  • Element 5: Display the knowledge that supports engineering design in a practice area.
  • Element 6: Demonstrate knowledge of technical engineering practice in the practice area applicable to the engineering discipline.
  • Element 7: Show the understanding of the role of engineering in society and identified issues in engineering practice relevant to the engineering discipline: professional liability and ethics of an engineer to public safety; the influence of engineering activity such as social, economic, environmental, cultural, and sustainability.
  • Element 8: Mention the engagement with the selected research-based- knowledge in the research of the discipline.

Process Of Civil Engineering Knowledge Assessment 02 For Engineering NZ

Your KA02 assessment will go through four key stages of the Engineering New Zealand process:

Stage 1: Preparation

Throughout your career, you have gathered enough engineering knowledge and qualification, and now the time has come to demonstrate your knowledge through a KA02 report. The simplest way to keep track of your development is to record your work and CPD. You need to complete every section of the required assessment online. You need to provide the suggested evidence for all the elements such as:

  • Submit your academic transcripts for all engineering qualifications.
  • Submit a PDF file for each qualification that provides a brief description of the content of each unit of the qualification and it is suggested to write in 20 to 30 words for each description.
  • Provide a total of four work samples that display the application of your knowledge. For each work sample, provide a limited number of pdf files should not be more than three in total.
  • In the commentary of these elements, mention the concise notes on any other work or study experiences or study experiences that include your knowledge of the element. It is suggested to give two or three paragraphs for each element.

Stage 2: Validation

After completing your application, submit it to the Engineering New Zealand team for validation. One of the competence assessment advisors will check the information you have provided and will try to give you feedback within 10 working days. They will give you a chance to make any changes before application submission.

Stage 3: Evaluation

Once your application is submitted and finalized, an assessor will be assigned to you. They will assess your application over eight to ten weeks and may try to contact you to take some additional information or ask for a video meeting.

Stage 4: Decision

They will let you know the outcome of your application by mail. If get succeeded, you should complete a chartered assessment for chartered Membership or CPEng.

How To Write Civil Engineering KA02 Report Excellently for IPENZ (Engineering NZ)?

  • Write on three or four engineering projects or activities that you have undertaken, which display your engineering knowledge and abilities to solve complex engineering problems.
  • You should include actual samples of your work such as a report, analyses, or calculations that you have personally undertaken to bear out your work episodes.
  • Include the activities where you have had to apply a high level of engineering knowledge such as some analysis work that you have done and the work you have accomplished in scoping a problem and then developing a solution or design.
  • Instead of listing all your CPD activities, confer the details of those activities that have enhanced your professional engineering knowledge in your engineering discipline.
  • Write your document using the first person singular pronoun that makes your document easily assessable for the assessor to check what your personal contribution was.

Civil Engineers Job Duties In New Zealand

  • Civil engineers design, create, develop, manage and maintain small and large-scale construction projects in a safe and sustainable manner.
  • Perform on-site investigation and data such as reports, tests, maps, drawings, and others.
  • Ensure project feasibility via continual assessment of structural integrity and design practice.
  • Communicate with team members, customers, and vendors to ensure maximum solidarity and fluidity on projects.
  • Organize and direct site labor and the delivery of equipment and materials.
  • Develop designs that utilize a variety of materials.
  • Inspect project sites to ensure they follow relevant codes and are progressing properly.

Civil Engineers Salary in New Zealand

Civil engineers have always been in great demand across various countries. In New Zealand, there is also decent job opportunity for civil engineers. The working culture, environment, harmony, lifestyles, and salary attract thousands of engineers every year. The average basic salary civil engineers get there is NZ$129,864 in a year. The salary varies from person to person as it is determined by the skills and experiences of an employee. Hence, the greater the experience you hold, the higher the salary you will get.

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