KA02 For Electronics Engineering NZ

Electronic Engineers who have completed their degree qualification from a university that is not accredited to Washington Accord need to provide Knowledge Assessment 02 (KA02) report to Engineering New Zealand for New Zealand skilled migration. Through a KA02 assessment report, you have to showcase that you have the level of technical knowledge and understanding that you have gained through your work and learning that is equivalent to a Washington Accord-Accredited qualification. You have to display that you are able to deal with complex engineering activities. You need to make your KA02 For Electronics Engineering Knowledge Assessment NZ based on the equivalent standard of knowledge like Washington Accord-Accredited.

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How To Prepare Electronics Engineering KA02 Assessment Report?

To understand how to apply for New Zealand skilled migration, you need to go through all the sections stated by Engineering New Zealand.

In the first section,

you are required to display that you can apply your engineering knowledge and skills to solve complex engineering problems.

You need to identify your engineering discipline and area.

In the second section

you need to provide your knowledge profile,

in the third,

you have to provide the evidence of application of knowledge and in the fourth, you should demonstrate supplementary evidence.

To prepare the electronics engineering KA02 report state the below elements:

Demonstrating your Equivalent Knowledge

You should demonstrate your equivalent knowledge in eight different areas known as elements, the elements are mentioned below:

  • Element 1: You should have a systematic theory-based comprehension of the natural science applicable to the discipline such as chemistry, calculus-based physics, astronomy, etc.
  • Element 2: You need to provide the knowledge of mathematics, numerical analysis, and statistics that support the development of the application of models applicable to the discipline.
  • Element 3: You should have the ability to illustrate key factual information in core areas of fundamental engineering knowledge applicable to your engineering discipline.
  • Element 4: Provide engineering specialist knowledge including theoretical frameworks and bodies of knowledge for the accepted practice areas in the engineering discipline.
  • Element 5: Showcase the knowledge and ability to undertake analysis and research to support the design process.
  • Element 6: You need to have knowledge of a wide range of tools and techniques related to technical, business, and interpersonal aspects of modern engineering practice.
  • Element 7: You need to have an understanding of the role of engineering in society and identified issues in engineering practice in the discipline: professional liability and ethics of an engineer to public safety; the influence of engineering activity: social, environmental, economic, cultural, and sustainability.
  • Element 8: Provide the advanced knowledge in the research literature of the discipline to a level that engages with current development in that area.

Evidence of Application of Knowledge Electronics Engineering NZ

  • You need to mention 3 or 4 engineering projects or activities that you have worked on that exhibit your abilities to apply your engineering knowledge to solve a complex engineering problem. Ponder over the activities where you had to apply a high level of engineering knowledge.
  • You need to include actual samples of your work such as analyses, reports, or calculations that you have personally undertaken.
  • The best way to illustrate the application of your knowledge is to provide the practical experience and project work that you have undertaken during your post-graduation study.
  • It is recommended to write your document in the first person by using ‘I’ or ‘me’ so that it is easy for the assessor to check what your personal contribution was.

Supplementary Evidence For Knowledge Assessment Engineering NZ

  • You need to submit a certified copy of your academic transcripts if you have not submitted them to Engineering New Zealand already.
  • Summarize your work history but add a representative sample of specific engineering projects or activities that prove the development or application of the knowledge profile.
  • Instead of listing all your CPD activities, mention details of those activities that have extended your professional engineering knowledge in your engineering field and have helped you to develop your knowledge profile as a professional engineer.


Electronic Engineer’s Job Responsibilities  in New Zealand


  • They design, develop, and test electronic circuits and networks that use the electrical or electromagnet properties of electronic elements integrated circuits, and microprocessors to measure, sense, and control processes and systems.
  • Establish and monitor performance and safety standards and procedures for operation, maintenance, modification, and repair of such systems.
  • Analyze communication traffic and level of service, and determine the type of installation, location, layout, and transmission medium for a communication system.
  • Design and develop signal processing algorithms and implement these through proper selection of hardware and software.
  • Supervise installation and commissioning of computer, communication, and control systems to ensure proper control and protection methods.

Electronics Engineer’s Average Salary in New Zealand

  • Electronics engineers get high-pay salaries in New Zealand as there is a great demand for skilled and experienced Electronics engineers.
  • The average basic salary they get in a year is NZ$69,991. They also get bonus pay and other perks along with the basic salary.
  • The salary varies from person to person as per their experience and knowledge. The higher the experience, the more the salary will be.
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