KA02 For Environmental Engineering NZ

If you are an Environmental Engineer and want your skilled migration to New Zealand (NZ), you need to submit a KA02 knowledge assessment report to Engineering NZ. The knowledge assessment report 02 is categorized into two parts.

If you have graduated from a university that is accredited by Washington Accord then you need to submit a KA01 report and if your university is not affiliated with Washington Accord then you need to submit a KA02 Report For Engineering NZ.

KA02 assessment report is necessary to make to demonstrate that you have acquired the equivalent level of knowledge. You need to display that you have a level of technical knowledge and understanding that you have obtained through your work and learning that is equivalent to the Washington Accord-Accredited qualification.

Through a Engineering NZ KA02 report, you have to demonstrate that you can deal with any complex engineering problems and carry out complex engineering activities.

Ask An Help – Environmental Engineering Knowledge Assessment 02 For Engineering NZ

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Environmental Engineering KA02 Report Engineering NZ


In your KA02 report, you have to demonstrate your equivalent knowledge in eight areas called elements. The elements are determined by the knowledge profile acquired by a graduate of Washington Accord-accredited qualification. Each element is described below:

  • Element 1: You need to showcase your knowledge and theory-based understanding of natural science in your discipline. All engineering discipline is rooted in one or more of the natural sciences. So, provide an application of knowledge from one or more of the natural sciences to the solution of complex engineering problems relevant to your field.
  • Element 2: Demonstrate the knowledge of mathematics, statistics, numerical methods, and formal aspects of computer and information science to support the analysis and application of models applicable to the discipline.
  • Element 3: Show your engineering fundamental knowledge such that the factual information in core areas of fundamental engineering knowledge is relevant to your engineering field.
  • Element 4: Display specialist engineering knowledge that provides theoretical frameworks and bodies of knowledge for the accepted practice areas in the engineering domain. Technical specialization is imperative for an engineer to remain abreast of technological development throughout their career.
  • Element 5: Exhibit your knowledge that supports engineering design in a practice area. You need to possess your ability to undertake research and analysis to support the design process.
  • Element 6: Mention engineering practice (technology) knowledge in the practice areas in the engineering discipline. You should have the awareness of current tool analysis, visualization, simulation, design, and synthesis, specifically computer-based models and packages, and the ability to use the representative selection of these.
  • Element 7: Show the understanding of the role of engineering in society and identified problems in engineering practice in the discipline such as ethics and professional responsibility of an engineer to public safety and the impacts of engineering activity like social, cultural, economic, environmental, and sustainability.
  • Element 8: Showcase the engagement with selected knowledge in the research literature of the discipline. You need to have advanced knowledge in at least one area under your discipline to a standard that engages with current developments in that area.

Evidence Needed For Elements To Environment Engineering NZ

  • Submit academic transcripts for all your engineering qualification
  • Provide a single PDF file for each qualification that gives a short description of the content of each paper of the qualification. It is suggested to write 20 to 30 words for each description.
  • Upload a total of four work samples that showcase the application of your knowledge. Provide a limited number of pdf files no more than three in total for each work sample.
  • In the commentary for these elements, provide brief notes on study experiences or any other work that includes your knowledge of the element. It is suggested to provide two or three paragraphs for each element
  • Write brief notes to address the performance indicators for each element. Include your notes in the commentary boxes for each element.

Tip For Writing KA02 Knowledge Assessment For Environmental Engineering NZ

  • Write your document using first person singular pronoun to make it easy for the assessor to analyze what your personal contribution was.
  • Mention three or four engineering projects or activities, which you have undertaken and that demonstrate your ability to apply engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.
  • Mention the activities where you had to apply a high level of engineering knowledge such as some analysis that you did and the work you did in scoping a problem and then developing a solution or design.
  • You need to provide the actual samples of the works such as calculations, analysis, and reports that you have personally undertaken to substantiate your work episodes.
  • In place of listing all your CPD activities, mention the detail of those activities that have expanded your personal engineering knowledge in your discipline and have helped you develop the knowledge profile of a professional engineer.

Environmental Engineer’s Job description  In New Zealand

Environmental engineering comes from the civil and chemical engineering discipline to provide healthy water, land, and air to improve human habitation. Environmental engineers have to perform different works such as:

  • They devise, manage, and implement solutions to protect and restore the environment within an overall framework of sustainable development.
  • They make recommendations on clean-up, reclamation, and waste management activities.
  • They carry out site assessments, conduct technical audits, and evaluate environmental impact.
  • They use computer modeling and mathematical techniques to asses or forecast past, present, and future environmental problems.
  • They evaluate how a site complies with environmental regulations.
  • They obtain and maintain a plan, permits, and operation standard procedure.
  • They interpret data and evaluate reports.

Environmental Engineers Salary NZ (New Zealand)

Environmental engineers play a very crucial role in recent times and this is why they are in huge demand across New Zealand. They get an average salary of 83,900 NZD in a year. They get the salary on the basis of their knowledge, skills, and experience. The minimum salary of environmental engineers in New Zealand is 41,100 NZD and the high salary is 131000 NZD in a year. The greater the experience they have the higher the remuneration they will get. So, the skills and experience of the environmental engineers and the status of the company determine the salary.

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