ACS RPL for ICT Support Engineer

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is very simple and straightforward process of assessing engineer’s skills. ACS RPL allows people to demonstrate that they are capable of undertaking specific tasks or working in certain industries based on evidence of knowledge gained throughout their life. Skills and experience are high requirements, but so are qualifications. The simple terms of Recognition of Prior Learning are acknowledgement for work which you have the skills to the process of assessing someone’s skills or knowledge, regardless of where these are learned. RPL for ICT Support Engineer (263212) allows people to demonstrate that they are capable of handling specific tasks to perform or work in industries based on evidence of skills and knowledge gained throughout their life.

  • Be ready up to discuss your present work environment and your work history especially on whether you are currently working there or not.
  • Though you have given a few brief elements on your application form about where you have accomplished, either paid or unpaid and projects, you performed there.
  • These will make a decent beginning stage and set you quiet with the RPL procedure.

What is ACS RPL for ICT Support Engineer (263212) in Australian Immigration?

ICT changed the world in the last few decades for better with evolving technologies.  An ICT or Information and Communication Technology support engineer career in Australia is a coveted job with a lot of responsibilities.

Why is RPL necessary for an engineer for ICT support engineer job in Australia?

There are many skilled ICT engineers around the world with proper qualifications obtained from their country’s universities. They also possess the necessary skills required by the ACS or the Australian Computer Society.  But to get the approval of ACS which has the authority is not an easy task.

  • The powers possessed should be displayed appropriately to meet their specifications and guidelines.
  • The MSA or the Migration Skill Assessment booklet could throw light on these specifications.
  • But for a first timer to get the approval with a proper RPL for ICT Support Engineer (263212) is a tedious one.
  • There are many chances for it to be rejected for simple reasons even with appropriate substance.
  • Hence to seek professional help will get the approval to go to the ace destination Australia for a professional and peaceful career.

What are the Specifications of ACS for RPL for ICT Support Engineer?

The first companies in the world are ICT companies regarding market capitalization.  Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet, the parent company of Google are all based on ICT.  They develop new technologies and products to compete with each other to digitalize the business world.  They make ICT functions a challenge for any ICT support engineer to cope with the new technologies.  Hence ACS Australia specifies specific closely related core ICT units to be mastered by the migrant engineers.

ICT units specified by ACS:

ICT units defined by ACS could be for the existing systems and others for the current changing scenario and future.

Existing core related ICT units:

  • ICT security
  • Computer audit
  • Different operating systems which include Linux, Unix, Network OS, among others.
  • QA or the quality assurance of the software, its products, and its functionalities
  • Software testing including continuous testing for bugs, automated testing products operations, developing strategies for existing software and any future implementations.
  • Data communications including WAN & LAN
  • Business process engineering and reengineering
  • Risk management
  • Database design, application, and database management systems including a relational database and object-oriented database
  • Different kinds of programming like Basic, Visual Basic, C, C++, Objective C, Visual C, Java, Cobol, Assembler, Pascal, PHP, AS3, FoxPro and others

ICT Units Required for Evolving and Future Technologies:

  • Artificial intelligence and its emergence as the driving force in this digitalized world.
  • How Google uses AI to find keywords with Google bots, how specific AI tools write content for Forbes magazine and others.
  • Also, the new products developed by ICT giants use AI to improve software for digitalizing the business world.
  • E-commerce tools such as Augmented Reality and others to change the business world.
  • How the products are embedded with IoT or the internet of things to transform the manufacturing businesses.
  • From laptop to washing machines could be accessed from remote places to improve the functioning and service.
  • Algorithm changes of Google spiders to redefine the digitalized applications development

And many more have to be updated by the aspiring migrant engineer to get the approval of the ACS Australia.

Duties of ICT Support Engineer (263212)

  • Develops support procedures for the existing systems and others
  • Strategies for systems, networks, operating systems, and applications development with evolving technologies
  • Solves problems and provides technical expertise as per the need
  • Provides direction in support of system infrastructure and process improvements for the changes in technology and others
  • Diagnose and resolve complex system problems
In what ways the ICT skills can be displayed in ACS RPL Australia:

Skilled engineers with knowledge of evolving technologies should take professional RPL for ICT Support Engineer (263212) writer services help to show the ICT capabilities required by ACS. They can be shown in the two sections of the RPL which include critical areas of knowledge and Project reports.

Section – 1:

Key areas of knowledge:

Key areas of expertise include two topics which include: Key areas of expertise should display the core ICT knowledge and its problem-solving capabilities.

ICT Professional Knowledge:

This includes portraying the existing ICT capabilities and future ICT capabilities.  These should be done in ways which should be displaying exclusively individual ICT capabilities rather than group capabilities.  The specialization and out of box ideas of the core ICT capabilities should be base of this topic.  Also, this should include ethics, communication, teamwork, Societal and concept issues.

ICT Problem Solving:

This should portray the problems encountered and solved with innovative problem-solving ideas.  These could be modeling methods, processes to understand problems, methods, and tools for handling abstraction.

Section -2:


There should be two projects which portray the skills acquired during the learning process which involve ICT capabilities.

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