RPL For Computer Network And System Engineer

RPL is the abbreviation of Recognition of Prior Learning which is required for the skills assessment of individuals who do not possess ICT qualification or any tertiary ICT qualification. ACS (Australian computer society) requires such applicants who have the required skills before they can migrate to Australia. ACS holds this skills assessment to find eligible candidates for Australian immigration. Through RPL for Computer Network and System Engineer, applicants have to demonstrate their skills and qualification to the ACS. The primary motive of the ACS Australian is to give the opportunity to the non-ICT qualified professionals to display their skills. The computer network and system engineers are responsible for promoting the communications systems in the organization to the next level. They have to work with the network and systems of an organization at a national or international level.

Computer Network And Systems Engineer Roles And Responsibilities

Each organization or work station requires LAN, WAN, Intranet, and extranet to be installed to determine the telecommunication facilities. These facilities shift the computer networking system to another level. A certain protocol needs to be developed and presented for optimum use by the computer network and system engineer. By utilizing the network source efficiently and effectively, a business level can be hiked to a high standard.

 job duties of computer and network engineers are given below:

  • Analyze, develop, decode, and evaluate complex system design and architecture specifications, diagrams, and data models in the development, configuration, and integration of computer systems.
  • Analyze, research, evaluate, and monitor network infrastructure to ensure networks are configured to operate at optimal performance.
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements to network operations, and integrated hardware, software, communication, and operating systems.
  • Install, test, configure, maintain, and administer a new and upgraded network, servers and workstations, and software data.
  • Do network programming in support of specific business requirements.
  • Prepare and maintain documentation and procedure for network inventory and record diagnosis resolution of network faults, modification and enhancement to networks, and maintenance instruction.
  • Assess and monitor network activity, traffic, usage, and capacity to ensure continued integrity and optimal network performance.

Description of closely related core ICT units

  • Computer network programming
  • Computer network design
  • Computer network protocols
  • Computer communication
  • Operating systems (Linux, Unix, Network Os, Xenix)
  • Data communication (WAN, LAN)
  • Wireless technologies (wireless communication, microwave communication)
  • Mobile technologies

Description of additional related core ICT units

  • Computer architecture
  • Computer organization
  • Computer logic design
  • Assembler languages
  • Digital and signal processing
  • Optical communication technology
  • Satellite communication
  • Peripherals and interfacing
  • Project management

Sections For RPL Application Assessment

ACS Australia has categorized two sections in which the applicants can apply for RPL skills assessment and they are mentioned below:

  1. Candidates who have degree qualifications but their syllabus doesn’t have any content related to ICT. Such candidates should have a minimum of six years of experience as professional ICT employees in an organization. The professional employment field should be relevant to the nominated discipline as per ANZSCO.
  2. Candidates who do not hold any tertiary qualification but have an additional two years of ICT employment experience (a total of eight years of experience). But these two years of additional experience are not required to be relevant to ANZSCO.

263111: Computer Network And Systems Engineer Skill Assessment

  • Problem-solving skills: It is not possible that every organization’s operational workflow goes in the same way, sometimes problems or errors occurred. Such problems should be handled efficiently by a computer network and system engineer to attain economy. The problem-solving skills are imperative for the computer network and system engineer.
  • Management efficiency: Managerial abilities are important virtue of a computer network and system engineer. Engineering knowledge along with management skills is valued greatly. Right decisions taken at the right time and leadership abilities help in the management of the organization.
  • Extraordinary communication skills: Communication skills are significant for computer networks and system engineers to ensure no loophole is left due to miscommunication. Employees at different levels are busy with their work through proper communication channels. Communication skills help in managing operational work and ensuring a smooth flow of the work.
  • Multitasking at a time: Computer network and system engineers need to carry out various tasks at a time. Without overlapping the task, the flow should be regulated in a specific way by the engineers to ensure the work is accomplished on a time.
  • Mathematical proficiency: Network systems use analytical mathematics in various lines. So, it is significant for a computer network and system engineer to have sufficient mathematical skills.

Computer Network And Systems Engineer Salary Australia

How much does a Network engineer make in Australia? The average network engineer and system engineer salary in Australia is $105,683 per year or $54.20 per hour.

Entry-level positions start at $90,967 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $140,841 per year.

RPL Computer Network and System Engineer Sample/Formats

  1. Key areas of knowledge: The applicants are required to explain the qualifications and experiences attained to cater to the standard prescribed by ACS. In this section, the applicants need to describe how and where they gained the knowledge. Topics need to be selected carefully to get a positive assessment.
  2. RPL Project reports: The applicants are required to project themselves as professional engineers by presenting two efficient reports. The project report must adhere to the relevant topics and subjects as expected by the assessing body. Lengthy projects of more than two years should be taken into account for a successful assessment. Achievement, work efforts, and accomplishments should be highlighted in the reports. All the corrective methodologies and design activities applied in the work phase should be brought into the limelight to get readers’ attention.
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