RPL for Developer Programmer

Developer programmers (261312) are the architects of software development.  They are the sculptors to create the defined software or a program for any business.  Their coding capacities transform the inputs to software for successful business operations. They are responsible for building, maintaining, and modifying codes for software applications also.  Hence skills to match the ICT capabilities of ACS are necessary to become a Developer programmer in Australia.

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  • The need of developer programmer in Australia is more than ever before.
  • This due to the lack of digitalization of all businesses across the world including the Government functions.
  • The developer programmer is the one who could implement new technologies and use modules and products of software.
  • The Implementation and integrations of these products which enhance businesses are the need of the hour.

261312: Developer Programmer Skill Level

Developer programmer comes under the 1st skill level of developer programmer (261312).  This is the kind of importance ACS has attributed for careers of developer programmer in Australia.  The ACS requires distinct skills as per the ICT capabilities of Australian standards for developer programmers. It includes design, development, test, maintains and document program code as per the specifications and requirements of ACS. This is a specialist job in many areas of computer-related functions.

They should be specialists in one or more of the following:

  • Communications Programmer of systems
  • Database programmer of systems
  • Database developer
  • A software developer or programmer

Role & Responsibilities:

This innovative job of developer programmer needs high standards of skill sets to meet its challenges.

  • Develop software as per the needs with the inputs for successful businesses
  • Research, consult, analyze, and evaluate the industry system program needs
  • Incorporating the new products with the existing systems to improve the business
  • Continuous testing and maintaining quality assurance of software for trouble-free functioning
  • Integrating existing systems with new technologies for a seamless function of the organization
  • Have a vision for future developments and guidance for implementation of evolving technologies

RPL Project Sections for development programmer:

ACS RPL for Developer Programmer (261312) is required for those who do not have recognized Australian qualification.  Any degree with 6 years of programmer experience and successful RPL will get the job in Australia.  RPL is to be written with professional help to have it approved by ACS successfully even in the first attempt.  Skilled developers could find difficulty in providing the following RPL procedures:

There are two sections in ACS RPL:

They are critical areas of knowledge which have five topics of which two should be submitted in the RPL… The other part is the projects.  Two projects have to be provided with RPL.

  • One of it should be done only three years before applying and the other within 5 years. The topic name should be mentioned in the box of the RPL form.
  • The below-mentioned details as per topic should be portrayed on the way of acquiring the particular knowledge and also explain in detail of its applications. The individual skills displayed in fulfilling the aspects of the two topics should be illustrated in a clear and concise way.

Section -1   Key area of knowledge:

 Core essential ICT knowledge:

  • Topic -1: ICT professional knowledge:

This includes basic ethics, expected professional expertise, teamwork capabilities, societal issues, communications, concepts, and issues.

  • Topic -2 ICT problem-solving skills:

This includes processes t understand problems, methods, and tools for handling them which include modeling methods.

General ICT knowledge:

  • Topic -3: Technology resources:

Knowledge of technology resources like hardware and software fundamentals is the basic.  The others are data communications, networking, and management.

  • Topic -4: Technology knowledge:

It about helps in building technology utilizing human resources for programming, information systems, and acquisitions for businesses.

  • Question -5: ICT management:

This includes skills in ICT management including IT governance and solving organizational issues along with service and security management of organizations.

Section -2 Projects:

Project reports provide an opportunity to display the way of the expected performance of ACS.  It can be either a project or an engagement which shows the individual skills for innovative project management and completion.  The two reports should be for a particular significant pr0ject undertaken during the professional career.  The projects should be by the skills displayed in critical areas of knowledge.  Each project report should not exceed 4 or 5 pages.

Factors that are determined by projects:

  1. Contributions involved in designing and implementing a process for enterprise computing systems
  2. Design, system analysis, and software engineering methodologies used
  3. Security facilities installed with proper quality assurance techniques which were followed
  4. Database interactivity, file design, internet application design, network topologies, project management, and ICT managerial activities.
  5. Demonstrate the nature and extent of responsibilities.

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