RPL for ICT Quality Assurance Engineer- Anzsco 263211

RPL (Recognition Prior Learning) is a form of method which is widely in the process of assessing the skills and competency of the engineering graduates. They are Prior learning assessment (PLA) and Prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR). The method of RPL for ICT Quality Assurance Engineer (263211) is quite familiar in Australia. This method is being followed for various purposes such as the development of career, recruitment process, organisations, skills evaluation and assessment, training institutions, etc. The primary and prominent use of this method is to evaluate the skills, abilities, talent and competency of the engineering graduate who has applied for the job.

Job Responsibility of Quality Assurance Engineer

The job nature of Quality Assurance Engineer in Australia primarily includes auditing and monitoring the products that are designed as per the client’s requirement.

  • They work and put their all efforts in ensuring the quality of the manufactured products or goods.
  • They work on making sure that the product consists of zero defects.
  • If so, they should inform the shortcomings of the particular product to the superiors or the manufacturers.
  • Their work involves not only in identifying the error but also to find a solution to repair the fault of the product.
  • In this case, we can conclude that a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer plays a significant role for a product or item.

Duties and Responsibilities for 263211: Quality Assurance Engineer

The primary responsibility of a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer is to ensure and check the quality of the manufactured product or item in every aspect. If any defect or error, the solution for correcting it should be analysed and solved. The results should be later passed on to the superiors or the manufacturers.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer who have been breaking down into points:

  • To suggest and apply solutions to the problems that is found.
  • To test the manufactured products and to report any defects, if found.
  • To analyse the quality of the product and improve it on every aspect to make it defect free.
  • To be an active team player with the team that is responsible for the development of the product. By this, the Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer will be capable of reconfirming the execution of the product.
  • To come up with innovative techniques and ideas that will aid the manufacturer or the organization in achieving good reviews from the consumers or customers.
  • To support the manufacturing company or the organization in attaining positive feedback and better satisfaction from the customers.
  • To make back to back plans and ideas those are based on the improvement of the product.
  • To collect valuable and factual data.
  • To prepare the data and present it to the senior managing officers.
  • To identify KPIs those are keys to the quality of the manufactured product.

Who Can Apply for ACS RPL Australia?

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer is a person whose primary responsibility includes testing the quality of a product, detecting its errors and suggesting the solutions.

Now let’s discuss the qualification that is required for the job of Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer:

  • An individual who considers applying for a position of Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer must possess any of the two central degrees.
  • They are associate degree and bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field or department of Quality Assurance (QA) Engineering.
  • The applying candidate or the individual must belong to the degree fields such as industrial, mechanical and primarily the quality engineering.
  • It is essential for the applying candidate to possess a professional certificate too.
  • Overall, it is compulsory for the candidate to possess a bachelor’s degree in the field of quality, industrial or mechanical engineering whereas the management also considers a master’s degree in the field of quality, industrial or mechanical engineering in some of the selective designations.

Minimum and Maximum Salary in Australia

The field of Quality Assurance Engineering is considered as one of the decent and well-paid jobs. The average salary of a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer is $83,470. This field of career is also widely known for its growth, promotions and appraisals. When it comes to the career field in the department of Quality Assurance (QA) Engineering there are several common critical skills that the hiring company or the organization expects from the candidate.

Here are some of the several common vital skills:

  • Organization skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Proper attention and keen listening skills.
  • Knowledge in handling tools that are used in the process of testing the quality of the manufactured products.
  • Essential experience in the procedures and handling process of checking the variety of the manufactured products.

Career in Australia in Quality Assurance Engineering

The primary responsibility of a Quality Assurance Engineer is to test the quality of the manufactured product, identify the defects and to suggest a solution to fix it. Later, these results should be passed to the superior managing officials. Analytical skills, observation skills and teamwork are considered to be the important skills possessed by a Quality Assurance Engineer. Now let’s see a clear picture on the outlook of the profession Quality Assurance Engineer. On the survey conducted and a study conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, i.e. BLS they have come up with many successful theories about the career.

  • The opportunities and vacancies for Quality Assurance Engineer are likely to rise to 1 percent in between the year of 2014 to 2024.
  • This theory has been predicted because of the vast improvement in the reduction of personal cost and versatility of in the growth of this job’s field.
  • According to 2015, the survey states that the minimum salary of a Quality Assurance Engineer is $83,470.

From the above predictions and theories that have been put forth based on the reviews, we can easily conclude that the Quality Assurance Engineer is one of the respectable and well-paid jobs in our society.

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