ACS RPL for Software Tester – Anzsco: 261314

In this fast-evolving technology every day, the job of the software tester gains prominence. It is the software tester who can assure the quality of the software at all times.  With new additions and implementation of evolving technological support to the existing software, the work of the software tester increases. Ensure the smooth and seamless functioning of the software. Hence an aspirant software tester to pass the ICT capabilities of the ACS of Australian Government is critical to get the dream career in Australia.

What are the ICT capabilities required by ACS for working in Australia?

Australia is in the process of digitalizing its various Government departments. Also, other major companies are digitalizing their business at a rapid pace.  Hence there is a great demand for Software testers in Australia.  However, the ICT or the Information Communication Technology capabilities required by ACS or the Australian Computer Society are of high standards. Since it is the role of the software engineer to maintain the efficiency of the software, they have stringent responsibilities and tasks for software testers.

What is software testing?

Software testing as per traditional definitions is an investigation done to provide organizations to the test. However, to simplify the work of software testing, there are various definitions which include:

  • It provides an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation.
  • It is a process of validating and verifying a software program or application or product.
  • It is also a process of executing a program or application with the intent of detecting software bugs.
  • Guides the design and developments work as expected to meet the business and technical requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities for Software Tester – Anzsco: 261314

Roles of Software Tester:

The general purpose of software tester has now evolved into many parts as per the experience, methods, and goals in software testing. Since the evolution of testing is at a rapid pace, so are the roles of the software testers.

  • Tester
  • Test lead
  • Test designer
  • Test analyst
  • Test manager
  • Quality Assurer
  • Quality Maintenance Manager
  • Test administrator
  • Automation developer

Responsibilities of the Software Tester required by ACS:

  • Specify, develop and write various software test plans and scripts
  • Have to produce test cases
  • Should be able to carry out regression testing
  • Have the capability to use automated test software applications
  • Must be able to test the behavior, functionality, and integrity of software
  • Research, consult, analyze and evaluate system all program needs
  • Providing organizations with the proper advice, guidance, and expertise in developing new proposals and strategies for software design activities like financial evaluation, costing of the recommending software upgrades and new purchases.
  • Document the result of the tests conducted and produce defect reports and related documentation.

 Qualifications/ Skills of Software Tester in Australia

An under graduation in software engineering is the essential qualification for software testers. However, those even without proper academic skills in software engineering but with the request experience can get approval with the RPL for software testing. It is the Recognition of Prior Learning which on endorsement by the ACS of the Australian Government could get the dream career in Australia. It has very stringent requirements from the aspiring engineers to approve the RPL. It is because of the standard they want to maintain in Australia. The RPL in their view should be on par with their postgraduate university studies of software engineering.  Starting from the role of the software tester as per the ANZSCO of the Australian New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations codes, it is necessary to write a proper RPL.  The adequate mentioning for the ANZSCO code for a software tester is 261314.  There are many codes in the software for ACS approval.

What are the other requirements for a successful RPL to be approved successfully by ACS?

Since software tester plays a principal role in maintaining the software for the development and efficient functioning of the organization, it requires the highest standards from it.

The following are the basic requirements for the successful RPL for software tester:

There should be two sections in RPL.  One should be the critical areas of knowledge, and the other is two project reports. The essential areas of expertise should display professional expertise and problem-solving skills. The two projects should be one done within three years and the other within five years of writing the RPL for software testing.  It should portray the unique individual abilities of the aspiring engineer. The innovative skills in both manual and automated testing should be the subject matter of the projects. It should impress the ACS with proper evidence and supporting proofs for the viability of the projects.

Hence to write RPL for software testing, it is pertinent to take professional help for its successful approval from ACS for getting the legendary career in Australia.