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Engineering students who are planning to migrate to Australia for further studies or other career purposes should submit various essential documents to the government and immigration authority failing which the concerned authorities will take stringent actions against the immigrants. Gaining entry into Australia for studying post graduation courses or career purposes is not an easy task. Engineering students have to follow all the rules and regulations that are framed by educational institutions and immigration authorities. One of the critical documents that have to be submitted by the immigrants to the Engineers Australia for their perusal and authorisation is CDR. Engineers Australia assess the strength and weaknesses of the international students before inducting them. They will select and induct only students who are highly competent, high in education and other domains. Engineers Australia will scrutinise CDR thoroughly and choose the candidate only when they are satisfied with the inputs. Engineers should take CDR report seriously and write according to the specifications and rules that are framed by Australian engineering universities and Engineers Australia.

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What is CDR?

A CDR or Competency Demonstration Reports is a technical report which is submitted by overseas students to Engineers Australia for their verification and assessments. Students who are planning to migrate to Australia for education or career should write CDR clearly without making unforced errors, mistakes or copying. Engineers Australia is a group of professionals who are intelligent and knowledgeable. If they are not satisfied with the knowledge and understanding capacity of the migrating engineering students, they will reject the report instantly. They will approve only when they are written according to their expectations.

Why CDR Needed?

CDR is submitted by the undergraduate engineering students who are migrating to the country of Australia for doing post graduation courses or career prospects to Engineers Australia. It is imperative to note the Australian Universities and professional engineering colleges which impart post-graduation courses will expect minimum knowledge from the international students who are migrating to their country for doing post-graduation courses. All the engineering colleges will expect their students to be knowledgeable, intellectual and versatile. CDR will give an insight into the mindset, knowledge and understanding capacities of the international students. Professional colleges which impart post-graduation courses in various engineering fields will be able to understand the skill-sets of the international students. Without CDR it will be tough for the EA to assess the knowledge and skills of the students.

How To Write Best CDR Report ?

Students should write plagiarism-free, error-free, grammatical-error free and unique technical report. They should never copy-paste from other sources and always write according to the rules and regulations framed by immigration authorities and Engineers Australia. CDR report will contain three career episode, summary statement and career professional development. CDR is a critical report and students who are leaving to Australia for further studies should write a masterpiece report. It should contain education, experience, problem-solving skills, roles played in the present designation, awards won and other vital details.

How to Check Quality Work in CDR?

Competency Demonstration Report which is otherwise called CDR should contain technical works, competency levels, education skills and work experience of the engineering students who are planning to gain entry into Australia. Customers can use various types of grammar and plagiarism tools for checking the uniqueness and authenticity of the CDR. Students will understand the quality of the technical report when he reads it thoroughly.

What is Career Episode Report?

Career episode provides detailed information about the students’ academic background, career path and engineering projects that they have handled in the past. Students will choose one of the occupational categories like professional engineers, engineering technologies, engineering associates and engineering managers. This report is exhaustive one, and the words may be around two thousand or more. Engineers Australia will understand the talents, English communication skills, subject knowledge and work experience of the students.

Format of Career Episode Report

Career episode format should look tidy and free of all errors and omissions. It should convey the intended meaning clearly and precisely to the readers. Career episode should be in essay format and not in table format. The form should contain an introduction, background, engineering activities and summary. Dates and career history should be written chronologically for better understanding and also give outline about the geographical location where the experience was gained. While writing engineering projects students should state nature of projects handled, the objective of these essential projects, students’ duties and responsibilities and so on. Personal engineering activity should be exhaustive and define all the roles and responsibilities of the students.  It should include team coordination; strategies followed to accomplish the goals, time management and methods adopted during crises. Students should also know how they contributed to the successful completion and appreciations received from the boss. Check Career Episode Sample

What is the Summary Statement Report?

Students should summarise their career path, experiences and project handled at the end of the career episode. Students should address their skills and competency levels on one page. Students who are preparing summary statement can download the sample format from the websites or other formal sources and write everything in chronological order so that they will not miss anything. A word of caution is the students should never copy and paste the summary statement from other websites. The report should look formal and wonderfully convey everything. Students can write precise and legible contents so that it will look pretty.



CDR Review

The ultimate aim of writing CDR neatly is to get admission in reputed professional colleges. Engineers Australia will approve the technical report only when they are satisfied with all the descriptive info that is written in the submitted CDR. Students or professional writers should write, review, proofread, check for errors and omissions, correct all the mistakes before presented to the panel of engineers. Since this is a technical skill assessment report, the writers should seriously look for all types of grammatical and typographical errors before submitted the CDR.

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