Sample Engineering Competency Standards Stage 2

 CER (EA8 Communication)


Student Name: XXXXX                      Student Number: XXXXXX


Project Title: 66kV Transportable Substation Upgrade Project

Dates: XXXXX


Supervisor: Wayne Gould / Electrical Engineering Manager



  1. Brief description of the project

The upgrade of 12 x  66kV/6.6kV Transportable substations which included the removal of fuses, structural modifications, installation of SF6 gas circuit breakers, protection and arc-flash relays. The project purpose was to enhance the safety of the machines and had to be completed with minimal interruption to operations. Project Value $7.5M.

  1. My involvement in the project

I was responsible for development of the scope of works, identifying and selecting suitable switchgear and protection relays, coordinating the tender process and correspondence, leading the contract negotiations between the Client and the Supplier, with overall project management and coordination responsibilities including logistic of transport and cranage. (Some substations weighed more than 60Tonnes and required police escort/ Ergon and QR Rail clearance permits)

  1. The Elements I will demonstrate in this Career Episode report are:
Code Description
EA8 .1 respect confidentiality obligations
EA8 .2 build and maintain collaborative relationships with other people, gaining their respect, trust, confidence and willing, conscientious collaboration
EA8 .3 exercise informal leadership in order to coordinate the activities of diverse people who contribute to engineering activities
EA8 .4 collaborate effectively within multi-disciplinary teams including other professions in the workplace
EA8 .5 lead and sustain discussion with others and, where appropriate, integrate their views to improve deliverables
EA8 .6 deliver clear written and oral presentations on engineering problems and engineering activities in English or in a language appropriate to the engineering work
MEP 1.4a Plans the content of their workplace portfolio
MEP 1.4b Defines the content of their planned Career Episode reports
MEP 1.4c Prepares abstracts for career episode reports
MEP 1.4d Lists and plans for additional workplace experience


During the project. I took part in several meetings and arranged team discussions to convey important information to the whole team effectively. I managed these meetings to help me address the entire personnel instead of dealing with everyone individually. I liaised with the project manager, supervisor, client, and related members to continue smooth execution of the project. I documented most of the procedures in a report to keep it as the company’s evidence. Coordination and interaction with other members also helped me to learn and grow as an individual. I listened to the suggestions of my team and their creative ideas helped me to enhance my technical skills and understanding. I browsed the internet daily for guidance and studied various engineering standards.

It was my duty to arrange meetings on regular basis. I developed a schedule of meeting and discussed all the technical issues with group mates and find the solution to solve the problem. I assigned different tasks of the project to the group members so that project was completed within the time limit. I worked on this project under the supervision of project supervisor and coordinator. I performed calculations of neural networks and compared it with previous work. In order to make the project hazard free, I conducted the testing of cast resin transformer.

Throughout the project life cycle, I encountered many conflicts whether among the internal project team members or between my company and other external parties (i.e. consultant, client team). Hence, it was essential for me to be capable to resolve all of these conflicts inappropriate manner to keep project progressing well. I used to follow a typical procedure in resolving most of the conflicts that I encountered during the project and it was successes in 70% of the total conflicts. I make the parties involved that a problem exists I develop a plan to address the issue and find some resolution; I am always trying to understand the perspective and concerns of the opponents. I am always trying to change my attitude/ behavior to be suite for conflict situation to allow the party’s lesson to me carefully

I successfully accomplished the goal of the project. I enhanced my working abilities and style. In this project, I lead my team by utilizing the principles of management such as planning, organizing, and controlling. I gained my working experience with the cast resin transformer. I enhanced my knowledge related to the transformer. I performed the calculation to verify the results. The project coordinator was always there for me when I was stuck in any phase of the project. Overall, it was a great experience to work with my team members and project supervisor.