CDR For Stage 1 Competency Assessment

The full form of cdr is competency demonstration report. This assessment report is required for engineers Australia which is to be written by migrant engineer who want to get highly paying job in Australia.

There are two types of assessment

  1. Stage 1 Competency Assessment
  2. Stage 2 Competency Assessment

Get CDR for Stage 1 Competency Assessment From us

This stage 1 competency is for eligibility of membership. it does not  for immigration resolution . if you talk about fees structure then its costlier for the applicant lodged within Australia if it’s out of this country then it’s less cost compared to… but there is not huge assessment fees difference for Engineers Australia. Normally time required is 28 days but it may be delay if there is any workload. It is advised to migrant engineer to check it on given time frame.

When Do I Go for Stage 1 Competency Assessment for Engineers Australia?

Stage 1 competency is for those migrant engineers if your technical/engineering qualification is not recognized by EA (engineers Australia). Let me explain you with example

  • If you have Australian engineering degree but its not approved by engineers Australia.
  • Migrant engineer (overseas) having engineering degree is not recognized by EA.
  • Candidates having degree in engineering not approved by EA but may have graduate degree in engineering.

Engineering occupation categories

Engineers Australia has three engineering categories

  • Professional engineer :- Four year bachelor engineering degree or five year of master engineering.
  • Engineering technologist :- Three year of bachelor engineering or bachelor of science degree.
  • Engineering associate :- Two year advanced diploma or associate degree in engineering field.

Required Document for Stage 1 Assessment Competency for Engineers Australia

You have to upload required file in pdf or doc but preferred format is pdf by scanning all document with very clear with maximum 10 Mb.

  • Photo identification proof
  • Verified CV/Resume
  • English language competency report
  • Qualifications document
  • Three career episodes report
  • Summary statement

How Help in Preparing CDR Report For Stage 1 Assessment Membership ? is trusted  cdr report writing helper for stage 1 membership in all engineering streams having team of engineers to write all three career episodes report and the summary statement report for engineers Australia with HD quality.

We have delivered thousands of competency demonstration report to our client and they are working as engineer in and getting good salary package. The main motive of three career episodes is to demonstrate yourself to assessor and prove that you are suitable for particular job.

Each career episodes should be 1000 to 2000 words. You have to keep some point while writing team project. You should explain the whole project but the main point is that you should not miss the role you done while doing particular project and how you used tools/method to come over that. There is a lot of parameter which is needed to be remembered while writing career episodes report for engineers Australia.

Get stag 1 competency assessment career episodes writing help by our experienced engineers (writers) to get best  report.