Career Episode Report Electrical Engineering Drafts Person Australia

Electrical Engineers are professionals who deal and study the applications of electricity and fields related to electromagnetism. Electronics and electronics connected devices have become a part of our life, and Electrical Engineers are welcomed in various areas. They are being employed in all the parts of the world. Developed countries such as the United States and Australia are using electrical engineers all over the world. It has become common among the Engineers to, migrate to Australia for career purposes. Engineers who are appointed and get placed in Australia government as well as Australian companies are given a fair pay with proper incentives. The necessary qualification for the candidate to apply for the job of the electrical engineer at Australia is bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in electrical engineering by submitting the competency report. A useful CDR report should consist of these following: Continuing Professional Development, Career episode report Electrical Engineering Draftsperson and Summary statement.

Who is an Electrical Engineer in part of Career episode report Electrical Engineering Draftsperson?

Candidates whose qualifications are not recognised by Engineers Australia (EA) and are not under Washington accord are required to submit a Competency Demonstration Report, commonly known as CDR report which consists the essentialities of career episodes. A Career episode report Electrical Engineering Draftsperson is a collection of files and documents that are submitted as a proof of the academic qualifications and professional experience, skills, exposure, etc. stated by the candidate. The CDR report plays a leading role in assisting the Engineers Australia in evaluating and assessing the competencies of the engineer.

Responsibilities of an Electrical Engineer should be added to Career episode report Electrical Engineering Draftsperson:

Responsibilities of an Electrical Engineer

  1. To evaluate electrical components, systems, products, etc.
  2. To determine its applications by researching about the programs and designing the equipment and methods for the form of materials and electricity.
  3. To develop and improve the electrical products by examining the requirements of the customers and clients.
  4. To provide details or information regarding engineering by answering the requests and questions.
  5. To maintain the database of the products by doing programs on computers and entering the data.
  6. To work with the team and contribute personally towards accomplishing the goals and related results.

Steps to prepare the Career episode report Electrical Engineering Draftsperson and its importance

Career episode is the critical part of the CDR report. It throws light on the professional experience and academic qualification or skill that of the candidate is related to the appropriate field of Engineering. The career episodes part should be prepared on their own. It should be written in excellent and perfect Australian English as it depicts the communication skills of the candidate too. The career episodes should be used and should be of zero grammatical errors. If the candidate is not confidential about the rules and regulations of writing the career episodes, then it is okay to refer a sample CDR report.

Many numbers of sample CDR reports are available on the internet and paperbacks. These sample CDR reports are previously submitted reports by Engineers. So copying contents from the sample CDR reports is strictly prohibited and is considered as plagiarism. Be aware of plagiarism as it reduces the candidate’s chances of getting migrated to Australia and bans the candidate from reapplying for a maximum of 11 months. So it is important to prepare an effective and plagiarism free career episodes. The CDR report should be written in three paragraphs. Each paragraph should be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 respectively.

Points to be included while writing the Career episode Report Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
  • Each part of the career episode should be written and listed in an essay form and not in any other way.
  • The first part is the introduction (100 words). It should consist of the date, duration, location, organisation’s name, position’s title, etc. of the project in chronological order.
  • The next part is background (200-500 words) consists of nature, objectives, organisational structure, duties, etc. of the project.
  • The third part is Personal Engineering Activity (500-1000 words) consists of the skills, tasks, problem-solving skills, strategies, teamwork, etc. of the project.
  • The final part is summary (50-100 words) and consists of overall view, goals and personal contribution to the project.

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