Career Episodes Report Biomedical Engineering Australia

Competency Demonstration Report is a collection of documents that act as a proof for the academic as well as professional areas related skills and experiences mentioned and stated by the Engineer. This report is commonly known as CDR report. It acts as a gateway through which the engineers will be capable of acquiring migration visa. It is common for Engineers to migrate to Australia for career purposes. This career episodes report biomedical engineering plays the leading role in evaluating the skills of the Engineers.

Career episodes sample biomedical engineering

It assists the Engineers Australia (EA) in assessing and evaluating the competencies of the Engineer. In this article let’s see about Biomedical Engineers, their responsibilities and writing the career episodes can be done by reviewing career episodes sample biomedical engineering.  Biomedical engineer plays the central role in analysing and designing the solutions to issues or problems that are related to biology and medicine field. They work hard in improving and achieving the goal in biology and medicine related fields. Biomedical Engineers are usually employed in educational institutions, medical institutions, hospitals, colleges, government, manufacturing industries, universities, etc.

Useful role of career episode report biomedical engineering

Now let’s discuss the rules, terms and formats in writing the career episode for Biomedical Engineers. The best CDR should consist of Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and Summary Status and Curriculum Vitae. The career episode report biomedical engineering pdf part should be given extra care and attention in a CDR report because it depicts the academic as well as professional experience that you have got or been exposed in the biomedical field of Engineering. Your career experience and university experience should be mentioned transparently and efficiently in this section of the career episode biomedical engineering..

  • Career episodes part plays an active role in evaluating and assessing the competencies of the Engineer.
  • Career episode part should consist of three sections, and each of these three sections should consist of three paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph should be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 in correct order.
  • Career episodes should be prepared and written on their own without any grammatical errors or mistakes.
  • It should be written in a perfect Australian English and should be plagiarism free.
  • Plagiarism in a CDR report may lead to getting you banned from reapplying for a minimum of one year.
  • The first part of the career episode is an introduction (approximately 100 words).
  • It should contain the information such as date, duration of the career in chronological order, location, the name of the organisation and the position occupied by the candidate.

What is the background activity of career episode report biomedical engineering?

The next part is background (200-500 words). It should consist of the details of the Engineering project/work that you have done such as its overall nature, objectives, work area, acquired position’s highlights, responsibilities and duties, etc. The next one is Personal Engineering Activity (500-1000 words). This section highlights the work done by you apart from the teamwork. It consists of details such as your Engineering skills, your task and its accomplishment, problem-solving skills, strategies, coordination with others, etc. The summary section (50-100 words) says about your final view of the project, its target and achievements and your contribution to it. That all folks! These are the guidelines and rules you have to follow while writing the career episode for Biomedical Engineer.

Let’s discuss some of the responsibilities of the Biomedical Engineers:
  • Designing systems such as human-made devices, internal organs which will be able to replace the natural body parts.
  • Designing machines that play the leading role in treating and diagnosing the diseases.
  • To install, repair, adjust and maintain the equipment related to the biomedical field.
  • Teach and trains others to use the material.
  • Stress the importance, safety and use of the stuff.
  • To work and coordinate with medical scientists, chemists and other researchers to improve the field of biomedical engineering for the welfare of both humans and animals.

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