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What is CDR (competency demonstration report) and its impact on the engineer migration visa acquiring process for Australia? CDR Report is commonly known as competency demonstration report. A CDR professional service from CDRAustralia.Org is a golden ticket for the engineers who are planning on migrating to Australia and establishing their career as an Engineer. It is common among the Engineers from most of the countries to migrate to Australia. It boosts up their career in Engineering and gets high paid salary. People from countries such as India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, China, Afghanistan, UAE, USA, Bahrain, etc. can apply for migration visa and a job by submitting an effective engineering report to the Engineers Australia (EA). We deal with cdr professional services Australia for migrants in all over the world.

  1. EA is an organization that plays a main role in assessing and evaluating the Engineers on the basis of their demonstration report.
  2. Thus a career episode report plays a prominent role in assisting the EA in the process of evaluation and assessment of the Engineers’ competencies on the basis of their field. So always ensure to submit an effective and advanced format of competency report.
  3. Before beginning a fresh copy of CDR it is a good idea to refer a sample competency and A large number of sample report is easily available in paperbacks and internet.
  4. Though it is okay to refer a sample report, copying contents from the sample is not allowed. It is considered as plagiarism.
  5. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. It may lead to getting you banned from reapplying to EA for a minimum of one year.

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An effective CDR report Australia should consist of these following: Three Career Episode report, Continuing Professional Development report and Summary Statement report. Here are the following steps that should be followed in preparing an effective CDR report for Australia.

  • First of all, prepare a personal documentation. Your personal documentation includes passport photo (one), prime ID, name changed documents, updated copy of your CV or resume and English Language test results.
  • Apply and choose the appropriate department on the basis of your qualification. Attach your academic and education related files, documents, certificates, transcripts, etc that are relevant.
  • As the career episode section provided here depicts your previous Engineering experience, an evidence of employment that is approved by the appropriate organization should be provided.
  • The main components of the report i.e. the three career episode report, CPD report, and Summary statement report for engineers Australia should be attached to the competency report.

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