Why CDR Report is Rejected by Engineers Australia?

Writing CDR report is not a child’s play. One needs to be careful in following all the guidelines provided by Engineers Australia. It should contain the necessary details of all the skills and work experience in the field of engineering. Every section should be written in a comprehensive manner so that Engineers Australia can easily assess the scholars’ performance and achievements. For this one need to include details in the Career Episodes Writing and link it in the Summary Statement to the right paragraphs in the Career Episodes of CDR. However, if these things are not followed then there are chances that CDR can get rejected by EA. Going through this article, one can get to know why CDR report is Rejected by engineers Australia?

How to Avoid Rejection of CDR

  1. Too much technical content while drafting career episodes is not required. You can focus on the design of the project. So, make sure to write it in easy manner which can be easily accessed by EA.
  2. If there are many tables, diagrams included then the assessor will find difficulty in identifying the Key competencies in the CDR Report. Try to follow Engineers Australia guidelines and mention only that details which are asked by EA.
  3. The chances of rejection are more if the report is drafted in bullet points. So, try to write CDR in form of essay and avoid bullet points. The assessment authority EA has proposed that the Career Episodes should be in form of essay but the paragraphs should be numbered.
  4. Long reports which extend beyond word limits given by EA can be rejected. Try to draft CDR between 1200-1700 words but include all the sections using Australian English.
  5. Plagiarized or copied content of report can cause the rejection. Make sure to avoid copy paste data from other people’s report. You can use them only for reference.
  6. Any error in the report, EA can easily reject it. So, always edit and proofread your Career episodes and take the advice of expert reviewers to check it. Use good Quality software to check plagiarism in order to make the successful approval.
  7. Always check that there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes. Make sure to format it well before submitting it to Engineers Australia for the skill assessment that showcases your professional skills.

These are some of the reasons due to which the CDR can get rejected by the assessment authority Engineers Australia. Try to avoid these mistakes so that it can be approved easily and you can look for successful migration.

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