Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Assessment

As a skilled engineer looking for a better job in Australia, the competency demonstration report is the best possible document that could get you there soon in no time. It is a depiction of your engineering talents, skills and proficiencies written in long essay format. After the submission of Competency demonstration report (CDR) assessment, Engineers Australia (EA) which is the evaluating authority of CDR Report will test out your report for your immigration visa. They will rate your competency report based on the information that you shared and settle on to a decision whether you are suitable or not for the engineering category you are applying for.

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The term CDR report appears to be new for most of the engineers out there who are willing to migrate to Australia to discover better career opportunities. CDR plays a vital role in depicting and assessing your technical skills, management proficiencies, teamwork in a project, engineering talents and the relevant professional achievements. One of the main features of an efficient Competency report assessment for Australia is that it keeps off any irrelevant information that Engineers Australia doesn’t ask for. Take this for instance; Engineers Australia does not want to know the history of your company, accomplishments done by your team or the market size and share of your past employer. It merely concerns itself with your role alone in the company and your contribution to your organization as a talented engineer. It is right for you to stay ready always to demonstrate all your claims with credentials and evidence. It is also good for you to show proof of the results you claim to achieve.

Correct CDR Report includes the details mentioned below:

  • A person’s proficiency in engineering.
  • His/her practices and academic achievements in the organization.
  • Applicable evidence and proofs in paragraphs to help the assessor in recognizing elements and sub-elements of skills of the applicant.

Also, there are some original writing characteristics to pile up a CDR Report for engineers in Australia and are listed below:

  • A competency report should be written in first person format as it is a depiction of the personal statement of an applicant.
  • It is better to avoid using flowery and stylish language in all the career episodes.
  • It is advised to prefer an obvious, clear-cut and straightforward writing style with no implementation of jargons.
  • Valid details with evidence should be included in the content without mentioning invalid claims.
  • All of the possessed proficiencies should be related to engineering background alone.

Although the process of preparing a competency demonstration report for assessment is a little bit time-consuming and lengthy, Engineers Australia has declared the required engineering proficiency assessment elements in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet. While some engineers choose to write the competency report on their own, but others don’t want to take chances in their career. Plagiarism is the main issue which can get your competency report rejected easily by Engineers Australia. It’s essential to all that an engineer shouldn’t just copy content from google or some other description that has already been submitted.

How Helps in Preparing Competency Report Assessment EA

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Reason for CDR Report Rejections