Engineers Australia CDR Rejection Takes Place?

CDR report or Competency Demonstration Report is the gateway to work and settle in Australia in the post of engineers in various technical organizations. The CDR reports are assessed by a team of government body assessors known as the Engineers Australia (EA).

There are certain definite guidelines, rules and regulations imposed by the EA which the applicants need to follow very strictly. If proper rulings are not followed in writing the CDR report, the applications might get rejected by the Engineers Australia (EA) team.

There are many reasons for the Engineers Australia CDR rejection. Some of these are discussed in the article.

Common reasons for the Engineers Australia CDR rejection

  1. While writing the Career Episodes, the applicant needs to mention the numerical calculations done by you and how to add them. Yu also need to mention the software used types of technical challenges faced by you, etc. Always try to write the narrative in a less technical manner. Ensue of including the details asked by EA only.
  2. The EA (Engineers Australia) guidelines clearly state that each of the Career Episodes need to be written in an “essay” format. Although you need to write a number of Career Episode paragraphs, beware of using the bullet points. The Career Episodes need to have a very clear introduction, the main engineering activity and the summary. Your text need to cover as much of the competency elements as mentioned in the Summary Statement part. Here also you need to avoid using the bullet points.
  3. Suggested length of each career episode is 1000-2500 words. Thus, always try to keep your Career Episodes within the suggested word limits as asked by the EA. It is recommended for you to go through the EA guidelines and the ANZSCO Code description very carefully and then make decision that which parts of your career growth can easily define the mentioned competencies. Then, prepare the essay draft. Edit all the necessary detail and highlight the important parts of your competencies. Proofread and edit your Career Episodes very carefully and pass it through good plagiarism check software. After that, run the essay via experienced CDR tram of reviewers. They can guide you in improving the essay. In that case, you can avail the hp of a reliable online CDR writing help provider.
  4. Never ever copy/paste the project details from other applicants’ CDR from internet or any other resources. The CDR samples that you can see online are only for the references. Read them and try to write out similar details from your own carer history. The Engineers Australia (EA) CDR is to be written by you. A glimpse of your own growth, experience and career are to be given there.
  5. Do not write about 1 project in 2 Carer Episodes. Dedicate 1 career episode to only 1 project done by you or any one aspect of your engineering, which you want to highlight. Example, you can choose to write the first Career Episode on the project done by you while studying, select the 2nd Career Episode topic for the projects handled by you in your 1st Finally, choose the 3rd career episode from the later period of you professional career. You can also choose to write the 2 Career Episodes on the projects done by you while you were still studying engineering in your college. The applicant can also dedicate any 1 CE (Career Episode) to the on-job experiences.
  6. As suggested by the experts, the main thing that can lead the applicants to a successful CDR writing is to match the guidelines by Engineers Australia (EA) as stated in the latest “Migration Skills Assessment (MSA): booklet published by EA (Engineers Australia). This MSA booklet clearly mentioned that you need to use 1st person and singular expressions in all the 3 Career Episodes. While meeting about your group activities, you need to highlight your own roles and activities within a team.
  7. You need to write the career episodes in flawless Australia English which is quite similar to British English. Even if you write the Career Episodes in your own language, never forget to include the high-quality translation for the EA team.
  8. While presenting your CDR report to the EA team, remember that you are submitting an official document, written by a professional. Thus, you need to be very careful regarding its formatting, grammar and spelling correctness and the sentence flow in all your Career Episodes (CE).
  9. Try to include the problem statements in all your career episodes an also mention the steps taken by you to solve the problems.
  10. Design all your given activities with high weight-age in the CDR assessment. You need to give a very good designing of all your career experiences in the CDR. Always try to highlight the creative technological or creative engineering experiences you have and highlight them in at least 2 of your Career Episodes.
  11. Enclose all the needed documentation in a well-designed and arranged manner.

For writing an ideal CDR report, it is advisable for you to avail the help of a reputed and trustworthy online CDR writing help service provider.

CDR Engineers Australia rejected?

No worries! Once your cdr is rejected by engineers Australia you might banned for 12 months or you may get second chance to resubmit. Once they have suspicion that presented competency report is not yours then they may demand your original projects report which is used to write three career episodes. You have to produce it at any how or else your application will be rejected permanently.

CDR rejected due to plagiarism?

We got many clients asking his cdr rejected due to plagiarism. Yes it’s normally seen. Migrant engineers do not check before submitting to engineers Australia portal. EA has TURNITIN software to detect plagiarism (duplicity) issue. Then they ask reason for plagiarism with explanation.

Engineers Australia rejection rate

CDR rejected by engineers Australia is common issue for migrant engineers. Now a day’s CDR rejection rate is high due to many parameters. We cannot explain here everything here. Now days EA need depth research in CDR report. If you won’t follow EA’s guidelines they might have objection to approve your report.

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